Will this game suffer from the same economic disaster that Clash of clans is facing?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hamie, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. Longer shield was what i suggested but not sure they make enough with mines and distillers under shield to off set some of the loss. It will keep them from getting hit again in 11 hrs. Defense bonus against higher lvl attackers can help...can't just make it so ez that you just sit back and never grow. Its a tuff spot I'll see what midoki thinks of or if they stick with loot scale in this form.
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  2. Burnz

    Burnz Captain

    I like that idea as well. In clash, I would always leave my TH outside overnight cuz I got tired of the 5-10 raids that would happen overnight. First raid would usually set off some traps and kill all CC troops, 2nd raid more traps set off etc until I got lucky enough for someone to give me a shield.
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  3. Bear

    Bear Commodore

    I believe in positive reinforcement. Give bonuses for attacking same and higher lvl Pirate halls.
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  4. boomhower

    boomhower Powder Monkey

    I like the idea of a bonus better than the penalty. Back to clash, that's one of the reasons I've pretty much quite. If I upgrade to a TH9 I effectively cannot attack TH7 anymore. So I still have TH8 troops and need to save absolutely obscene amounts of non existent loot while at the same time getting steamrolled by TH10 constantly. It's a loose loose situation. Sad part is I bought $100 worth of gems not long ago. I'm hoping at some point they make some changes that will fix the loot system and I can get back into. I loved doing two hour boosted barracks sessions. Now it's a next next next next fest.
  5. Alphafox

    Alphafox First Mate

    I hate this loot restriction on lower level PHs. we ALL encountered it at some point or another moving up, deal with it. Its like getting killed by a higher level play in WoW, it sucks when its you and you hate it but then you do it to others later because its fun. Maybe make the pirate rank mean something instead of an arbitrary number that just penalizes you for loot at high levels.
  6. Daddy P

    Daddy P Captain

    Honestly I haven't seen the new system as being too severe. I don't know what formula they are using, but I am still hitting good loot. I am having to hit more PH 6 and 7, but that's a good thing, right? Since I am an almost maxed PH7. I shouldn't be able to wipe out a PH5 for 500k. I was there at one time, and it was awful. Fortunately, I was nerdy enough to play enough that I could recoup it fairly quickly. But if you were a battle or two a dayer, then you were screwed. Clash had a lot of problems. It wasn't just the loot penalty. The first thing they did was largely remove abandoned bases, so that the source so many relied upon for easy loot disappeared. Then they found that full on assaults cost a lot of money, so you had to hit big bases which were very difficult to rob. Then they added the penalty system and kept adjusting it until it became a nexting nightmare. I hung up Clash with a moderate TH10, thanks to PP! Now give me something fun to do since I'm almost out of upgrades!
  7. donkeykilla

    donkeykilla First Mate

    It's had zero impact on farming. It looks to me like the influx of people and the rest of us continuing to upgrade collectors while saving more and more for bigger upgrades has more than made up for whatever they did. Loot is better then ever and getting better every day. The problem now is we need a bunch of new content and we need it yesterday. My walls are finished and pushing gets boring fast. Theres really nothing to do without new content. Wars would help but farming is what keeps me playing.
  8. Daddy P

    Daddy P Captain

    Agreed. I've got almost maxed defenses, and boredom is setting in. In fact, most of our clan has gone quiet for the same reason. There is just simply nothing to do. Gosh I hope we get more for Christmas than annoying snow and the ability to change pirate names.
  9. z1ggur4t

    z1ggur4t Crew

    Yes the anecdotal evidence is starting to mount that players with a serious investment in the game are a. loosing interest, b. abandoning the game, their bases and guild and moving on to the next game of choice. midoki may have hit the 5 mil mark but the game is no longer working for those of us who have been here a while. 5 troops of the entire line up are actually worth investing in, the rest are just a waste of time. anyone who's been higher than 650 will know this. Just look at the defense replays. Everyone is using the same troop load out. once you have a base design that works and is upgraded what next? once your troops are maxed what then? make the slow climb eking out a few points here and there until you hit the point where your out of grog. bring on guild wars, change the troop settings to make some more of them usefull and bring some new content please. I'm almost out of a reason to keep playing...
  10. I fear this as well....GUILD WARs can it save us? Hmm
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  11. z1ggur4t

    z1ggur4t Crew

    Yeah not sure if guild wars can actually save us but it's worth a crack!
  12. Kizmatti

    Kizmatti First Mate

    Right on. Nothing to add here. You pretty much covered and summed up the state of the game nicely.

    Thing I enjoy most now is watching the replays in the morning.
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  13. Master Pogi

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    IMHO, I dont think there's a economic disaster or whatsoever to CoC. They just keeps on expanding like PP. I started playing the game and a lot of newbies everyday in their world chat. PP's graphics' compare to CoC is way, way, way ahead better. I can't orbit it. I started playing 'coz my upgrades in PP are very long that's why.

    Anyway, both games are great. Especially for me who can play games at work, it's great to have these games. It's just, i'm very near to becoming a bored person to this game. Train, look for an island, attack and repeat again. No other choice for you to stay in the game. I am a fan of World Chat, so it will definitely becomes interesting again for me once this added. I Wanna hear the runt of pirates around the world, their shoutings and all that. My crews are very quiet even I already make all of them first mate.LOL!!!

    But then again, PP is very young compare to CoC so a lot of things to wait for. PP's graphics is the killer, can't ask for more, nicely done by Midoki.
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