What build improvements do you want most?

Discussion in 'Build Improvements' started by Bear, Jan 9, 2015.

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    Each Ideas and Feature Requests subforum has a Master List of all viable suggested features from that forum. It's always the first or second post at the top of the page. We want to prioritize these features from most needed/wanted to least, but to do that, we could use your input. This subforum's list is for Build Improvements. Please check out the list, and reply to this topic with what you think the top 5 or 10 features should be, with the most important feature first. Also, note: The full list of features may span several posts.

    Find the list here: Build Improvements Master List

    Disclaimer: While this will help the list show the players priorities, it in no way guarantees that a particular feature request will be implemented.
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  4. Tex

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    @Bear I think you can take this one off the list now as it was added.
    +. Mines (More/Upgradeable)Rearming Traps (BY @@JeffieTD)
    Status: Planned
    Submitted By:
    Description: That mines could be upgradeable.
    Notes: Christ said that it is a possibility that Mines will be upgradeable in the future.
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  5. porrig

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  6. Bear

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    I really need to stop posting before I'm out of bed.
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  7. I want to thank Tex for a great list of suggestions. On that list is "base design saving", this is a major plus in my game play. Above 800 PR it's all about being able to protect resources and limiting defense loss in PR. This brings out the creative thinking in my fellow guild mates and produces some of the great base designs that we have all copied and used. The trouble is that we are playing as we are designing, it would be a monumental improvement if we could be designing a masterpiece, and saving it in our base design function while maintaining our best current design for game play.
    With that said, I think it would be wonderful if replay were accurate so it could be used to help us design fixes in our base layout for defense.
  8. YummyPoptarts

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    I think having a guild perk that allows players who are upgrading their defenses or resources which takes days will be reduced. For example, the observatory is 10% of time reduction of exploring. There could be a perk of 10% time reduction in upgrading :)
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    Best addition I can think of at the moment would be the ability to save multiple island layouts, and restore them as desired. Though the 'island builder' screen is wonderful, it is BEYOND aggravating having to move every single piece down to the decorations, save, then decide you were happier with the performance of your last build and... oh, back to the 'builder' and moving every single piece again, assuming you remember where you had everything last time. A quick 'revert' or ability to save 2-3 different layouts and recall them at will would be particularly nice.
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  10. mlc

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    A silo upgrade, the rest of the legendary pirates have came out and there isn't enough storage to store all the items required
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    Save Layouts, Cheaper Rearm Costs, and significantly higher stack limits in Silos. It wouldn't matter we only had so many slots if each slot could hold say 99 of that item (or even no limit). Then we only need one slot per item type, rather than 3 slots just for gunpowder for higher level upgrades, for example.
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  12. Booty isle

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    1) a reason to push rank(incentives via rumbles or a reward system like rumbles)
    2) more player stats and guild stats
    3) rumble match ups by choice(once a week max)
    4) a competition between players and/or guilds that is daily and is not gem driven
    5) A better communication method that is more direct(ie private messages)
    6) bombers that are much more specific to attacking walls(or a whole new pirate that only attack walls until a hole is created in line with drop point). This is much more of a frustration with current bomber ai. ;)
  13. Jonesy

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    1- Academy/Hut UI that doesn't hide costs while upgrading
    2- Boost Tavern with gems
    3- Upgrade buildings while they are in use
    4- Add another Tavern and Voodoo Hut?? Not sure this has been listed before, but it seems odd to me (a new player) that I have only one building to Recruit pirates to plunder with, especially in a game where plundering is a key aspect of the game
    5- Queue recruiting pirates so they can be recruiting while I am off plundering......

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