Wench Pressers are looking for more wenches!

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Morgan Ford, May 21, 2016.

  1. Ima Smellypirate

    Ima Smellypirate Powder Monkey

    We've went from 26 players to 35...only 15 spots left. Who will be the lucky pirate to snag a spot?
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  2. Floki

    Floki Captain

    I'm im pressed with you wenches seem like a good bunch of blokes and blokettes:D:D
  3. deePS77V8

    deePS77V8 Crew

    We have fun
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  4. Floki

    Floki Captain

    I heard that:D
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  5. Morgan Ford

    Morgan Ford First Mate

    Come check us out and see if what they say is true. Leave your garden hose at home though please. We are not aloud to play with those anymore. So far the list of things we can't toy with includes a metric ton of spam, garden hoses, Arby's, christians, Preparation H and coming sooon.......lions! Oh and you should see what happens on Tuesday! We have fun.
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  6. Morgan Ford

    Morgan Ford First Mate

    We just went Susan Powter and decided to "Stop the insanity" (only for a minute). As a result we cut some lazy fat and are now in a fine fighting form. Are you a lean mean fighting machine? Are you insane? You are! Great come hang out for some rumbles.
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  7. Morgan Ford

    Morgan Ford First Mate

    Thank you Wenches for the use of a wet slip in which to dock my ship. I look forward to sailing the seas again someday with the best of your crew. For anyone looking for a fun chill guild check out the Wench Pressers. You won't be sorry.
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  8. Mobotts

    Mobotts Captain

    Thank you so much for everything Morgan! Enjoy your time with the Wicked, Wench Pressers were lucky to have you!!
  9. Ima Smellypirate

    Ima Smellypirate Powder Monkey

    Bump bump bump baby...come play with us. Still looking for some new blood.
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  10. Sherbert

    Sherbert Powder Monkey

    Horny quokka is an absolute weirdo. I was in his guild, I speak from experience lol. Gl to him though.....
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  11. Spongee

    Spongee Commodore

    Deleted original text. Decided to censor myself. I see a portion below has been captured for eternity. :eek:
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  12. Dog Breath

    Dog Breath First Mate

    haha ... that quite an image !
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  13. Mobotts

    Mobotts Captain

    Some things can never be unseen
  14. Ima Smellypirate

    Ima Smellypirate Powder Monkey

    Still looking for pirates! Bump bump
  15. flyingdoucheman

    flyingdoucheman Magical Banner Wizard

    ❤️For more press releases on the pressers flying panties go to #frigwaldowheresallthewenchpanties.com

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