Weird sound bug on the Nexus 6

Discussion in 'General Bugs' started by Fritsc, Apr 27, 2015.

  1. Fritsc

    Fritsc Powder Monkey


    I'm using a Nexus 6 and it's on 5.1.
    When playing Plunder Pirates there's a weird noise that is very apparent when your troops are attacking. It's somewhat akin to a static noise but worsr. I think this issue might only be on the Nexus 6 since some of the reviews for Nexus 6 are also complaining about the weird noise. Hopefully midoki has a spare Nexus 6 to see what is wrong?

  2. Bear

    Bear Commodore

    Is it with the music or the SFx? Try turning one on at a time and seeing if it's one or the other.
  3. Fritsc

    Fritsc Powder Monkey

  4. Bear

    Bear Commodore

  5. Tex

    Tex Commodore

    It's just the sound of inferior Android product. Lol :p
  6. Fritsc

    Fritsc Powder Monkey

    Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of this forum...
  7. Bear

    Bear Commodore

    The reason for this part of the forum is for people to post bugs, and the members put our heads together to help. A lot of the time the problems are known and we can help with a common solution. Sometimes it's a bug the developers know about and they will comment about it letting us know that they are working on a fix. But with the release of Android a Lot of new bugs have appeared, and your bug is one of the unique ones. The best way to get it fixed is to make sure all the right people know about it. Posting here is only half of that, the other half is to let rovio know.
  8. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    Strangely it seems to be fine through headphones, but distorted through the speakers. The Eye of Sauron is currently looking into it.

    Reporting issues through the in-game support tool (Log>Settings>Help>Support) is really useful for us, as it gives us your account and device details, allowing us to track down any issues a bit faster. As Bear said, it's actually really handy for us to have stuff reported formally through Rovio support, as well as on the forum.
  9. Fritsc

    Fritsc Powder Monkey

    Thanks for the fast reply @Lynsey [Midoki] . Hopefully this get fixed soon as the sound is driving me crazy and I'd be sure to use the in-game support tool next time!

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