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Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Kyzo, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. Kyzo

    Kyzo Crew

    Still looking for active players give me a message
  2. GeNeTiiX

    GeNeTiiX Powder Monkey

    Would like to join gonna be maxed by end of January. Buddy of mine is in the guild already his name is J0ck0
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  3. Just to be the annoying little ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love to be, I think it's funny that the 2nd item in that list is not to bump and it seems like half the posts in this thread are "bump".

    But really, both Sinister and We R great guilds with fun people and constantly funded perks.

  4. Captain MetaTauta

    Captain MetaTauta First Mate

    This thread needs more Atari Generation sigs
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  5. Gangrene Beard

    Gangrene Beard Commodore

  6. Those who leave Sinister Souls and join We R Piates are considered the enemy and shall be crushed.
  7. J0ck0

    J0ck0 First Mate

    LMAO...how is that?
  8. Going to crush your online not real island then post on forum his game win...ohh no so savage .lol

    @J0ck0 look how fast they get mad when teased back. Lol
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  9. J0ck0

    J0ck0 First Mate

    So scary. Lol...
  10. Grrrr grrrr I have a real beard grrrr I'll crush you on a game and you will feel the pain grrrrr meow meow, I mean grrrrrr grrrr:cool:.[​IMG]
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  11. J0ck0

    J0ck0 First Mate

    Great. Now I won't be able to sleep tonight.
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  12. First - someone mentioned both guilds - someone in niether guild.
    I thought a little trash talk would be funny - at least for the two members I know.
    Then there seems to be a request to stay out of recruitment threads - I tried to abide.

    Lord Mega-whatever
    I don't know what you are on, or what your problem with Sinister Souls is.
  13. One-Eyed Willy

    One-Eyed Willy First Mate

    not trying to recruit for my guild but if you want to see what really happened when tbird attacked my base then join and I will show you that he did not 3-star or grab even half my resource...

    Much love to all of you fellow plunderers out there.

    Hater's gonna hate. Don't know why all this malarkey is taking place, let alone on this forum post.

    I respect We r Piates and I respect women, even the most wanton of sorts. Case closed.
  14. Gangrene Beard

    Gangrene Beard Commodore

  15. Kyzo

    Kyzo Crew

    Id like to say i am not intentionally taking sinister soul members they just asked to transfer, plus were better
  16. Captain MetaTauta

    Captain MetaTauta First Mate

    Mega rocks and is a proud honorary member of AG!
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  17. Yep. We covered all this, already. And I'd even go back to just having fun with it but unfortunately some 12 year-old with multiple personalities and multiple accounts is just gonna come along and tell me - either way - my response, to your response, to my response, as stated in 12 pages of... emails (?) was not the correct response.
    So - enjoy the game - I did not aim to interupt your recruiting thread. I saw a member of a third guild mention both our guilds and thought I'd try to join in.
    It was my bad. Apologies.
    Have fun!
  18. Kyzo

    Kyzo Crew

    All good a game never came without complications or rivalries
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  19. Jezekat

    Jezekat Crew

    Ohhhh yummy
  20. Christy

    Christy Commodore

    Ummmmm yummy!!!!!
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