Upgrade to PH6 with just 2 lvl7 gold storage??

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Alexander, Oct 5, 2014.

  1. Alexander

    Alexander Powder Monkey

    I just browsed thru to get some good build idea and found an island which currently upgrading process to PH6 (which required 2 mil gold) with just 2 lvl7 gold storage (combine capacity 800k gold) in his island. How is it even possible??!! Just view for yourself in-game.

    Guild: Sinister Soul
    Player ign: fish eye pirate

    Am I missing something? Please advice.
  2. Kit

    Kit First Mate

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  3. k1llyb1lly

    k1llyb1lly Powder Monkey

    1 word: gem
  4. Edward Kenway

    Edward Kenway Captain

    Lol:D well yea you can make it with only 2 for a while. It is actually very smart since u don't have to protect so many storages. I might skip building a third grog and gold storage when i hit PH5, which is in 1h 20min :D hypeeee
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  5. Alexander

    Alexander Powder Monkey

    Well, if it's gem then needless to say. And I thought that even with gem you can't exceed your storage capacity. Then I might save up some gem for upgrading PH instead of building gold storage.
  6. Admin [Midoki]

    Admin [Midoki] Administrator Staff Member

    If you use gems you are not restricted by storage limits
  7. Whats up guys! I shall explain myself.
    Yes indeed I used gems to upgrade my PH.
    My capacity is 801.500 gold. And the rest is payed with gems.
    Exactly for the reasons @Edward Kenway said. (thank you for calling me smart :D)
  8. Edward Kenway

    Edward Kenway Captain

    did someone say salt water??

    seriously though that is very smart. How much did it cost to upgrade to 6 with the gems?
  9. As I said before, my wallet is not amused. I think it cost me about 800-900 gems. It is allmost finished now, just two days lef
  10. Edward Kenway

    Edward Kenway Captain

    Ok, and that will give you extra defenses and stuff?
  11. Yeah I believe one extra cannon, a guntower, 25 walls and the stun-mortar
  12. Edward Kenway

    Edward Kenway Captain

    that is sick. And you only have to defense 2 of every resource storage. It's almost like you are PH5 but with extra defenses and walls.
  13. Yeah, only if I want to upgrade say my tavern or academy etc then i'm in trouble. So I'm going to build them soon anyway
  14. Edward Kenway

    Edward Kenway Captain

    I might do this too. I will have to think about it. 800-900 gems is not that much though.
  15. It's do-able and saves you a lot of time and being raided because-you-got-this-huge-stack-of-cash
  16. Edward Kenway

    Edward Kenway Captain

    yeah true. And on the other side you get better defenses quicker, which makes it a lot harder for people trying to steal
  17. Edward Kenway

    Edward Kenway Captain

    what the heck. Im gonna do it. After I build my tavern and upgrade some of my defenses (just got to TH5 2hours ago) I will upgrade the Town Hall again, same as you.
  18. After you upgrade it you still got nine days. So I upgraded only half of my buildings when I started upgrading my PH. And nog I am almost done upgrading everything (that I want)
  19. Edward Kenway

    Edward Kenway Captain

    But I think i'm gonna upgrade my storages at least one lvl. I need 900k for academy lvl 4. It's impossible if the cap is at 801k. Unless u use gems of course.
  20. Oh and thank you @Alexander for using me as an example while i'm one of the most active people on this forum :p Had so much fun reading this

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