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    Just arrived in the morning's post comes this interesting postcard from legendary explorer Captain Burtrum Nosewart.

    It reads:
    'The sun is shining, wind is blowing and we're making short work of charting this great ocean. Had a slight run in with a pirate Captain on Outlook Island and lost Nosey Ned down a curious cave on Silent Shores, but apart from that everything is going swimmingly. Over heard talk of an ancient statue towering high into the sky and a mysterious ghost ship patrolling the Eastern Seas, so they're next on my list.
    There's nothing quite like a life at sea, sailing into the unknown, discovering new lands and annoying the locals. If it wasn't for the odd altercation with the Royal Navy, foul mouthed pirates and ancient creatures of the deep, we'd be home in half the time. All adds to the fun though!
    Hope everyone is keeping well at home, did you remember to pick up my dry cleaning? BN'

    How are you getting on? Has anyone out there uncovered the whole map yet? Join the conversation and tell us all about your exploration exploits.


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