TheBlack Knights| Active Guild| Perks Always Up| No Rank Req| Status: Now Recruiting

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by mana, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. Novagator

    Novagator Powder Monkey

    If you are looking for an Active guild this is it.
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  2. mana

    mana Crew

    Are you The One that Never backs down? Join us now! We have 3 spots available!
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  3. notjohn45

    notjohn45 Powder Monkey

    If you are looking for a friendly social game as well as perks always active, you should join!
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  4. mana

    mana Crew

    1 spot left!
  5. Captain Aspen

    Captain Aspen Powder Monkey

    Join us on our way to the top 100!
  6. mana

    mana Crew

    ARRGHh TheBlack Knights achieved The Top 100 Guilds Throphy! We are now looking for 2 more strong and active pirates that are up for some more challenges!
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  7. Captain Aspen

    Captain Aspen Powder Monkey

    We in the top! 2 spots open!
  8. TBird

    TBird Captain

    Congrats Black Knights!!!!
    Need to see you up in the top 10 soon!!!
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  9. Captain Monkey

    Captain Monkey First Mate

    Way to go!!!
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  10. Kelani

    Kelani Commodore

    Congrats on Top 100! Keep it up :)
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  11. mana

    mana Crew

  12. mana

    mana Crew

    We are full, leave a message here or PM me if you're interested to join.
  13. mana

    mana Crew

    3 spots opened up!
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  14. Kelani

    Kelani Commodore

    I know who one of those spots belonged to! :D *happy dance* All Hail @mana!

    Prospective new members: These guys are worth joining. They have a lifetime Kel Seal of Approval. :)
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  15. mana

    mana Crew

    Haha, you do you do. He might be knocking on your door soon, haha!
    Thanks man!:D
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  16. Luv2Hike66

    Luv2Hike66 Powder Monkey

    If you are wanting membership in a Guild in the top 100, and without a lot of high pressure rules, then you should ask our Captain to consider your request for membership in The Black Knights. We have basic logical qualifications for joining a top guild, but nothing unreasonable. We have the best guild chat I've ever experienced, and every member is ready and willing to help his or her ship mate. Lots of attack replays and several useful base designs to help out. So what are you waiting for, request a spot while there is a vacancy. Tomorrow might be to late, hope to see you on our side of the next plunder,
    Sneaky Pete
  17. Raptelan

    Raptelan Captain

    Full again! But send mana a message if you're interested, as spots open up periodically as we clean out inactive players. Currently on the leaderboard again in position 93 and still moving up.

    At this point we are only accepting PH7 players, and if you want to join you should be an active player and keep your builders doing something as much as you can! That said we are laid back and don't strictly enforce rules or care about rank. When we work together to try to boost guild rank participation is voluntary as we recognize other priorities in the game.

    I expressed my sentiments about this guild already and they haven't changed, it's an awesome place to be AND really adds value to the game! We also have a chat on groupme which is great as with this you get iOS notifications of messages while doing other things.
  18. mana

    mana Crew

    1 spot opened up! We are having us some fun on the leaderboard with the #70 position taken now! Wait no longer pirates and join our awesome and encouraging team before the spot is taken!
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  19. mana

    mana Crew

    TheBlack Knights got up to place #66 yesterday! Now we've dropped down to farm again. Yesterday's spot was taken fast but we opened up another spot today! Join Us now to get in the Top 50 on our next push together!
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  20. holashorty

    holashorty Crew

    Ever get tired of no in game chat? Ever feel like you could use some advice on what to upgrade next or which troops to use during a raid? If you've had these feelings, TheBlack Knights is the guild to join!!

    I have been in other guilds, and TheBlack Knights is BY FAR the best guild I've ever had the pleasure to participate in. Every team member has been extremely welcoming and helpful in terms of everything including base design, raiding and defenses. Not to mention, we have a TON of fun chatting in game and on groupme.
    (We all have good sense of humors and friendly teasing happens often:))

    Another reason TheBlack Knights is so great is because there is no intense pressure. We ask that you are an active player, who continually challenges yourself to meet guild goals and wants to be an active member of a very supportive and encouraging team.

    If you have a PH7, like to learn from others, and challenge yourself; send us a request to join. We'd love to have you be a part of our team.

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