The Piggies family of guilds is recruiting.

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by lady blackbeard, Mar 27, 2015.

  1. lady blackbeard

    lady blackbeard Captain

    Wild Piggies has a great Rumble record. If you enjoy a good time winning Rumbles, come be a Piggie.
  2. Super-Nor

    Super-Nor Captain

    Are you lonely and uninformed during a streak and/or rumble?

    We use an external chat with push notifications to answer questions and keep in touch with all of our members.

    Requirements for guild members are not a pain at all. Just stay active and communicate, and the minimum rumble requirements take care of themselves.

    We do not require members to gem during rumbles but of course some of us overachievers will do that anyway. We really like to win!
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  3. Peg-Leg

    Peg-Leg Crew

    Can you believe its been almost a year since Wild Piggies came to fruition? Its been a fun ride. What started as a calm place to farm and take a break from PR rank pushes has evolved into a laid-back rumbling machine. While we don't win every single rumble (every so often we encounter skeletal hyenas with endless gem supplies), we do win most.

    We've got members in five continents; so there's usually at least one member online. Everyone gets along pretty well and we are always willing to help pirates improve their craft. That being said, we have about 8 open spots after recently making some changes in guild strategy and asking some of our members to join guilds we are affiliated with.

    We like to rumble. As such, we are currently accepting PH9's with proven rumble records (average score) of at least 2000. PH 7&8's will be considered if their average rumble score is above 2500. We require ALL of our members to contribute a minimum of 1500 rumble points per rumble. We encourage much more than that, but hey everyone has an off day every so often. We rumble about 3-4 times a week. Sometime more depending on rumble fatigue (i.e. easy wins get shorter rest periods)

    Perks are usually funded within 10 minutes of being able to do so.

    Your previous donation record (give/take) will not be used as a factor in deciding your admission. HOWEVER you are expected to help your guild mates.

    probationary members (i.e. Powder Monkeys) will achieve crew status if, he/she contributes at least 1500 RPs during five consecutive rumbles.
    Crew members MAY reach officer status (First Mate) by invitation only. We do not use the rank of FM as a nominal position given to anyone who has been in the guild for a while. FMs will help you improve your island, talk strategy with you and help resolve conflict (should it arise). So, invitations are given only to exceptional members who exhibit leadership qualities.
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  4. lady blackbeard

    lady blackbeard Captain

    So glad I am a Piggie.
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