The Donut Mob Alliance has Launched!

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Slim Hawks, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Slim Hawks

    Slim Hawks Crew

    Forged out of the alliance of drunkNdisorderly, Happy Chappies and Dead Unicorn Inc., the Donut Mob is embarking on a new voyage made up of fun-loving crews with a taste for victory and plunder. Come join us for adventure and excitement on the high seas!

    dNd (high level, very competitive rumbling): Captain fer4vol
    Happy Chappies (casual rumbling): Captain Mack
    DUI (resting/ farming): Captains McQ and Goon
  2. McQ

    McQ Captain

    Mmmm donuts :p
    (Inspired by @Capt. Sharky currently enjoying his break from the game)
  3. Slim Hawks

    Slim Hawks Crew

    That is an awesome donut @McQ, yummy :p
    McQ likes this.
  4. Blueberry

    Blueberry Captain

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