Soulless Pirates - Join Up Today! Aaargghh 7 Open Spots! Status: Recruiting

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by TywinTheVile, Sep 25, 2014.

  1. I know, I wasn't directing that comment at you. I was saying in general, we are not a "free elder" guild like the ones you often see in Clash....also, we are going to try and grow our clan and not merge with anyone right now.
  2. One-Eyed Willy

    One-Eyed Willy First Mate

    Good luck ye bucco, ye best be hopin' i don't be seein' ye on the seven seas! Blackbeard be me name, no mercy me game!
  3. Flowers

    Flowers Powder Monkey

    about to apply in game. hopefully i get in:)
  4. I will look out for you. My phone isn't working now but I will tell the others to accept you.
  5. Our Clash of Clans Members are joining up each day Come get in early and join a fun and active guild!
  6. I just wanted to thank everyone who has joined up thus far! We are growing well and have an active clan! Come join us if you want to have fun with some easy going pirates!

    No reqs right now and open to all!
  7. SH302

    SH302 Crew

    The current requirement is that you must be level 30, but this is fairly easy to achieve.

    Come join us and have fun plundering :D:D:D
  8. We only have 10 more spots! We are laid back and helpful! Once we get everyone comfortable with the game, we will make a push for the leaderboard. Right now we are just trying to improve and get everyone comfortable with the game! Join us for an active fun clan!
  9. 5 Spots Open! Looking for friendly active players who love to get down and drink grog! Sign up today!
  10. SH302

    SH302 Crew

    C'mon Mateys! There still be a few spots left! Get them while they still be there!
  11. We have lots of open spots for active members! Join up we are active and helpful and always fund Guild Perks!
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  12. Soulless Pirates is in Rebuild Mode and is looking for active and friendly players. The Guild will be open and we want players of all skills to join up! OUr current goal is to get all members to PH5 or higher and get stronger! Perks are always funded!

  13. Sailaway

    Sailaway Powder Monkey

    Hi all! I joined. Play this game way too often. Gonna contribute with fundings and all. Cheers!
  14. Another Day, another post. If you are looking for a fun guild in which to farm and grow stronger as a team, join us today! Soulless Pirates, Guild currently set to Open.

  15. SH302

    SH302 Crew

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  16. roguecylon

    roguecylon Captain

    Did you check your link? :D
  17. SH302

    SH302 Crew

    Oops, it went twice. Editing now
  18. SH302

    SH302 Crew

    Still not working, I'm not sire what's wrong
  19. SH302

    SH302 Crew

    The link is now fixed, sorry for any inconveniences

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