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  1. Dagon

    Dagon Crew

    I hope I'm making the threads where you want them firstly.

    Anyway rewards I seen mentioned in another post as in the risk reward factor isn't great so far, don't get me wrong I love the map and the random battles and things that appear there and hope that is added to and they continue to appear once defeated.

    But what I mean is the reward I get for beating a monster or pirate ship doesn't usually give me much or a reward after replacing all of the troops I lose so I'm not too bothered about going after most things as I am better off avoiding them in most cases.
  2. Jonathan [Midoki]

    Jonathan [Midoki] Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Xanthus. Thanks for the feedback. We're going to be rebalancing the Exploration Events based on what we're seeing/hearing from you gamers so we'll definitely look into this right now. Expect some changes in the next update.

    Also, we're going to be releasing some really cool features related to Exploration soon. I can't say too much just yet but, put it this way, you won't be just getting gold/grog as rewards. There will be a whole host of new things to collect. ;)
  3. Dagon

    Dagon Crew

    That sounds good, thank you for letting me know.
  4. Dagon

    Dagon Crew

    Still keep wondering what the changes and cool features will be! Also just wanted to reiterate at the moment I have explored all that I can and saving up for lighthouse level 2 so I can do more but all I can do now is attack beasts and ships which I'm happy to do and it's great I can basically chose how long my ships out for.

    But basically the reward really isn't worth attacking them in most cases after I lose troops some are decent and I even got a gem once but mainly I still only carry on with it for EP and for the luck of finding gems on the way I love finding gems! Also the grog/gold you find on the way is usually more than the battle reward.

    Some islands also give low rewards maybe consider increasing their income as you upgrade the ship that way it scales a bit better, collecting 150 or 200 doesn't feel like much of a bonus but getting the 1000 off some of them makes me happy. But obviously as a grow they all become less rewarding.

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