Plunder Pirates update!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Admin [Midoki], Nov 14, 2016.

  1. Pink Taco

    Pink Taco Captain

    Think they said they are short staffed. Just got to be persistent and keep bugging them until they are tired of hearing from you and resolve the issue to get you off their backs. Lol, now I wouldn't do such a thing... But I heard it works. :)
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  2. Spongee

    Spongee Commodore

    All support tickets go to Rovio initially. Only the ones Rovio can't resolve get passed along to Midoki.
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  3. Pink Taco

    Pink Taco Captain

    Rovio AND Midoki short staffed?!? :eek:
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  4. Bjays92

    Bjays92 Captain

    Most definitely! Rovio is way understaffed :eek:
  5. Ultimate Sea Dog

    Ultimate Sea Dog First Mate

    rovio is a dying and failing company that threw out half their people after the movie. Of course they're short staffed.
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  6. Sea Patriot

    Sea Patriot Captain

    Will I ever be able to access Layout 1 ever again? Only time will tell. @Chris [Midoki] How many more trouble tickets must I submit???
  7. Bjays92

    Bjays92 Captain

    Rovio should have quit while they were ahead. Left the franchise at ab2 which is consistently making them money. Stopped making new stupid games like goal, ace fighter, and match. Kept updating old games like space, Star Wars, and go. And invested more money to make a quality movie (sure it made $300m which will keep em going for a while but still...) they would also then have the opportunity to make a sequel ppl would watch.
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  8. Sea Patriot

    Sea Patriot Captain

    With all the $$ invested in this game I'd think a PP movie would be in the works
  9. Bjays92

    Bjays92 Captain

    I honestly think they could make a decent (pg-13) action movie from plunder pirates. Sadly that will never happen
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  10. Ultimate Sea Dog

    Ultimate Sea Dog First Mate

    @Bjays92 I agree. I played AB games up to AB2, then got fed up with Rovio's ridiculously idiotic scheme to earn money. Oh well, Midoki is a money machine too, but at least I get something out of it...
  11. Clemsrec

    Clemsrec Crew

    :):):):):):) Nice to ear !!! Thanks Midoki, and thanks to all your team !
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  12. Wilkopuppy

    Wilkopuppy Crew

    Hopefully the matchmaking will get fixed because it's a joke right now. Guilds with 20 members shouldn't be matching 40+ member guilds or the #1 rumble guild. This is the kind of junk that stops guilds from rumbling.
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  13. Mercutio

    Mercutio First Mate

    i'll add my +1 for no snow...

    that is unless we get the holiday and chinese new year decorations (we got both of those, right?) on top of the snow like we used to. those themes were fun. we've blown the halloween one this year, that was probably most fun. it's the little things that make me happy. how about the decorations w/o the snow, tha'd be the best.

    oh and AB2 sucks
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  14. ElFrenetico

    ElFrenetico Captain

    I was looking forward to seeing the decos & snow in night mode on the pirate hall camera. :)
  15. Ultimate Sea Dog

    Ultimate Sea Dog First Mate

    Wait, people actually USE night mode? IMO it really affects me seeing those GPs/extra cannon etc., so I turned it off at PH3. That's that.

    -1 to no snow. As long as it's no snow on the roof of buildings I'm actually lookin' forward to the snow.
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  16. ElFrenetico

    ElFrenetico Captain

    I don't battle with night mode either, for the same reason. I actually had it off for like a year and just rediscovered it recently, and was just really impressed by the night lighting of the buildings in camera fly-around mode.
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  17. Ultimate Sea Dog

    Ultimate Sea Dog First Mate

  18. Actarus

    Actarus Powder Monkey

    I would like to battle against guild members with the new update
  19. Tiger Lilly

    Tiger Lilly Captain

    I'm still wondering when new Legendary Pirates are coming our way? o_O
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  20. Bjays92

    Bjays92 Captain

    @Chris [Midoki] we are all aware of the recent mini update, however it is starting to get to mid December already, and there has been no news regarding a upcoming update for Christmas. Could you pls confirm that there will be another update sometime this December?
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