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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Admin [Midoki], Dec 12, 2016.

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    I can't see the update
  3. i have done the update and followed the instructions. Problem now is every time I open the game I'm given a new code so I have to press install which takes me to the play store where I press open and then it takes me to my island. Am I going to have to do this every time I want to play the game now?
  4. Calabiyau

    Calabiyau Crew

    We are expecting to know something... these last days they were announcement big changes, they were working deep, a new line of the game they told... but they didn't notice about the "news"
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    @Crazy Canuck - check your devices home screen - you may now have 2 Plunder Pirates icons. Click the other one.
  6. flyingdoucheman

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    That is great news , this recent update tho was kind of golf clap / lump of coal from my Douchey perspective :confused:
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  7. Admin [Midoki]

    Admin [Midoki] Administrator Staff Member

    That's right, if you're playing on Android and you have used the Device Link / Install procedure you will have two versions of PP on your device. Once you've entered the device link code on the new version of the game and everything is as it should be, feel free to delete the old one.

    The new one with have the icon that matches my avatar on the left.
  8. Homey DeClown

    Homey DeClown Powder Monkey

    I wouldn't consider myself a 'gemmer', more of a recreational user. I can quit at any time! Still, in any game sporting micro-transactions, gemmers should enjoy an advantage, else why spend the money? I have no ills with that. The company supporting the app has to make some coin. I think if raw materials were available to purchase directly (i.e. purchase 50 exquisite diamonds for XXX gems), the game would be broken beyond repair. But the current offering for gems seems balanced to me since there's still a RNG factor involved.

    However, in response to your other comment, since the levels for LP are locked to PH levels, there's no chance for a low level PH having a max LP. I have a level 6 LP, and the max level I can achieve at PH7 is LP14. So I still fail to see why silo space restrictions exist. In other games, such as Clash of Clans, where the coveted material is dark elixir, there also exists maximum storage amounts. The difference there is that the material can be used for other endeavors. As I max out my storage, I switch over to dark troops and burn the excess material until my heroes become available for further upgrades. Nothing wasted, nothing lost. Not so in Plunder Pirates, for here's the two main differences:
    1. Dark elixir is a non-random item and I'm assured that I will a) generate my own and b) easily raid for some more. In contrast, Plunder materials are RNG based. I may or may not see the same materials in the next 10 chests or trips I take. That's a huge difference when faced with burning/trashing materials.
    2. The compensation given for freeing up silo space is insulting. I net 1M gold in raids frequently, and trashing 'rare' materials gives me 10,000 gold? Seriously? That's almost the same insulting trade-in values that Game Stop gives for their used game trade-ins. Instead of giving me a measley 10,000 gold, just walk in my kitchen and kick my dog. It's about the same thing. My reward, for streaking that Corsair's chest, is material I can't store and receive 10k gold for my time. I struggle to see how that incentivizes me to spend my disposable time on this game. The virtual sense of accomplishment just isn't there.
    And the advice to younger players of "Hey guys, save up those 200 chests! You'll get to open them in 3.5 years! Well, that's somewhat steep on the 'delayed gratification' scale for video games. I suggest such advice might not generate the long term player base Midoki is hoping for. I have 30 purple/orange chests waiting to be opened. That might be a small number -- I don't know. But I do know that I've stopped playing Plunder Pirates heavily, because the notion of stacking up chests is boring. Opening chests is fun. Accumulating them is not. I maintain that current silo space restrictions are bad and threaten the long term success of the game.
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  9. xxROCKHEADxx

    xxROCKHEADxx Powder Monkey

    When I got my new iPhone, wouldn't let me import my island. So I started a alternate island using same gamecenter account, playing original account on old phone and alternate on new phone. Now after update I've lost my original island, which is not good is there any way to fix this?
  10. Capt. Sharky

    Capt. Sharky First Mate

    @xxROCKHEADxx not sure why the update has stopped your original base working, but it sounds like you were 'never' signed into Game Center on your old iphone and therefore your original island was not assigned to a Game Center account, hence why it wouldn't load on your new device. To be able to play multiple islands on one IOS device, each island has to have it's own Game Center account. You'll need to create a new Apple ID/Game Center ID and get your original island assigned to it. You'll then be able to switch between the islands on any IOS device simply by logging in and out of Game Center with the different accounts. The only way to get your old island assigned now would be with the help of Midoki, via the in-game help button. Just make sure you have a new Game Center account to have it assigned to.

  11. Barrilete

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    What's new in the game? I do not see any changes. It does not link me with Facebook. How do I solve it?

    Thanks, @Chris [Midoki]
  12. Tiger Lilly

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    I'm not sure if the servers are down but I can't seem to load the new update at all:confused: It brings me to the App Store than I select open button but it brings me back to PP and it continues to connect to the server, nothing happens:( So now what, I can't even open the game?:eek:
  13. Hawkbeard

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    Go to the updates (like you would to update any app) in the App Store rather than the link in the game. The new update will appear there for you to download.
  14. Ian

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    @Tiger Lilly
    1. try opening the App Store and go to the update tab. see if you can update there.
    2. if not; shutting down and reopening your device - check again
    3. delete the App and reinstall from the App store
  15. Tiger Lilly

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    @Ian finally got it to work and yes I shut down my device twice:confused:. I guess persistence prevails!;) Thanks for the tips
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    Its all !!!! I am decept
  17. Jomama

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    This last upgrade sucks! Midoki do this.
    1) new pirates
    2 new LP's
    3) upgrades for walls and defenses
    4) put snipers on PH towers
    5 most of us have 25 to 860 chests that can't be opened in my Guild. Make silo bigger or do the above.
    6)I and others are getting very bored with this game. You are at the tipping point of this game unless you add above really, really fast.

    Jomama, A moment agoEditDeleteReport
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