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    There's a new version of Plunder Pirates arriving soon and it's a little bit special; a definite landmark moment for the game.
    Although you may think there is nothing new, behind the scenes a lot has changed. Because of this, the update procedure is a little bit different this time.
    Please follow the instructions carefully and you'll be back on the high seas in no time.

    iOS Players - you shouldn't have to do anything, just update as normal

    Android Players - after the new update has been released and you run the current version of the game you will see the following pop-up. It is important you follow the steps below carefully:

    Write down your Device Link ID (the image below shows and example - you will have one unique to you).
    Tap the 'Install' button and the game will update to the new version.


    When you run the game for the first time you will see the new login screen (shown below). Obviously you have played the game before so tap on 'Import' button on the left hand page and not 'New'.


    Once you have been taken to the next screen (shown below), tap 'Import' on the right hand page, under the 'Device Link' banner.


    Now enter the code you wrote down at the beginning of the process. When the game has found your island on the server it will ask you to import it.
    And that's it, you're all set to continue plundering :)

    If you do mistakenly click 'New' you can still go to the Device Link screen in Log>Settings>Device>Load and input the code you wrote down at the beginning of the process.
  2. Calabiyau

    Calabiyau Crew

  3. grahvity

    grahvity Crew

    Sweet! Looking forward to more details.
  4. Seebär

    Seebär Powder Monkey

    Ich ahne schreckliches, das Spiel hat doch jetzt schon wirklich genug Probleme
  5. Crookah

    Crookah Powder Monkey

    I hope I don't lose my island again
  6. Spongee

    Spongee Commodore

    Great news about upgraded platform. Can't wait to see what 2017 brings.

    Bad news for support, think even that simple process will overwhelm many. Hope Rovio hires some help for Pekka. That poor guy will be having nightmares with the number of support requests he will soon be getting. Good news is, at least the fix is simple and can be copied and pasted, so other than a few blisters on the copy and paste fingers, he should survive relatively unscathed.
  7. Raphael Samos

    Raphael Samos Powder Monkey

    does the device link ID expires like last time?? i hope not.. cos i tried keeping device code and after a few days or a week.. in game message told me the code has expired.. its kinda tiring to keep copying the code over and over.. and nobdy wants to lose their progress either..
  8. Calabiyau

    Calabiyau Crew

    :eek:The support of This game is regrettable, i cant find another word.

    Really....I only wish new content:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::), and no more walls or recicle past events:confused::(, this last year was a nightmare for the veteran players of Plunder Pirates, friends that leave the game :(, really poor patches, didnt keep contact with the community, they were disappear of the game and no answer in the forums... it was a miracle that some people continued posted:D, with new interesting ideas and keeping alive the game:oops::oops:, but from muy point of view this is the critical moment of the game... This patch must content significant changes, another way,for me, is the endo_Oo_O
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  9. Animalazzo

    Animalazzo Crew

    Sounds good! :)
  10. Spongee

    Spongee Commodore

    I've been happy with the past year. I never ran out of stuff to do. Which is odd, as many know I tend to gem things. So if someone who gem rushes like myself was kept occupied, how could most other players not be. We have entire new PH level with new defenses, defensive upgrades, troop upgrades, LP upgrades, addition of events, addition of new pirate, new LP outfits, improvements to the editor we had requested, etc... Not to mention, the major overhaul to the platform that should lead to improved game play and features in 2017. I look forward to improved rumble matching in 2017, new guild events in 2017, addition of guild wars, new LP's, new sailing map, etc... And I look forward to continued friendships and making new friends. This almost sounds like a New Year's resolution post/toast. Cheers to 2017!! :)

    Notice how instead of being critical, I applauded their efforts, mentioned how I financially support the game, and put in my wish list for next year. Think they will better respond to a post like mine as opposed to one by a player who spews only negativity.
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  11. Game now keeps freezing on me, wonder what's going on!
  12. Madhouse

    Madhouse Crew

    I don't get prompted to update? I'm on android
  13. Lorent.113

    Lorent.113 First Mate

    Hi Chris, its possible to have your text in french, all my translator dont work Good?please, thank you verry much in advance.
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  14. Spongee

    Spongee Commodore

  15. bucket

    bucket First Mate

    I have two islands that I switch back and forth on my devices by changing the Google play account. Will I still be able to do this?
  16. Super-Nor

    Super-Nor Captain

    Why can't we be told what is new? Be as technical as you want and if some of us do not understand, others can help.

    This post and the prior one concerning the December update has not given me anything to look forward to getting. Some idea of content or something would be nice.
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  17. Clemsrec

    Clemsrec Crew

    Here is an in-house French traduction my dear Lorent ;-) in case Midoki team would take to much time to make one !!!
    Et voila mon cher ;-)

    Une nouvelle version de PP arrive prochainement et elle sera un peu spéciale. Un tournant pour le jeu.
    Bien que vous pourriez penser que rien ne sera nouveau, derrière les scènes, beaucoup a changé. Du a ca, la procédure de mise à jour se un peu différente cette fois.
    Veuillez suivre les instructions et vous serez de retour en haute mers en un rien de temps

    Joueurs IOS : Vous ne devriez rien avoir à faire, faites votre mise à jour normallement.

    Joueurs Android : Après la sortie de la mise à jour et que vous lancé la version actuelle du jeu vous allez voir l'écran suivant (1ère image). C'est très important que vous suiviez les étapes suivantes très prudemment :
    Ecrivez le lien d'identification de votre appareil (L'image montre un exemple - 1 seul et unique pour vous)
    Taper le bouton "install" et le jeu fera la mise à jour vers la nouvelle version.

    ----- Image 1 ------

    Quand vous lancer le jeu pour la 1ère fois vous allez voir l'écran de nouvelle connection (montré ci-dessous). Evidement vous avez joué le jeu avant alors taper sur le bouton "Import" sur la page de gauche et non "New"

    ----- Image 2 ------

    Une fois que vous êtes sur l'écran suivant (montré ci-dessous), tapez "Import" sur la page de droite, sous la bannière "Device Link"

    ----- Image 3 ------

    A présent entrez le code que vous avez écrit au début du processus. Quand le jeu aura trouvé votre île sur le serveur il vous sera demandé de l'importer.
    Et c'est tout, vous êtes prêt pour continuer de jouer !!

    ----- Image 4 ------

    Si vous cliquer sur "New" par erreur vous pouvez toujours aller sur l'écran Device Link dans Journal -> Paramètres -> Appareil et entrer le code que vous avez écrit au début du processus.
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  18. Spongee

    Spongee Commodore

    They don't give details because a lot is dependent on coding. Never know if at last minute QA might find a bug, requiring removal of a feature, or Apple not approving part of the update, any number of things could cause a last minute revision to the update. Past history shows when something unexpected happens and changes are warranted, there is a strong potential for upsetting the masses. They found it better to say nothing in regards to giving details.

    We shot ourselves in the proverbial foot on that a long time ago.
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  19. Super-Nor

    Super-Nor Captain

    I thought they could reveal the intentions of the behind-the-scenes work they say has been done.

    At this point the only teaser has been "you can't see the work we did, but it is there", and "you might have some installation worries", and the previous "new winter event".

    I am continuing to hope for the best. My time in the game has now been greatly reduced by having completed all trainings and upgrades (except walls), poor rumble matching (lack of a competition I believe to be fair for most guilds), and lack of BP and materials and silo space for LP upgrades. All of those things are making PP not fun for me right now, but I have a considerable investment of time and money I do not wish to throw away just yet.
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  20. Spongee

    Spongee Commodore

    As for the LP's, think they intended for there to be a challenge managing resources/mats, it is common practice in many games. It forces players to make decisions and sacrifices, and increases the challenge of upgrading them. Think if we hang around, we will get most of the things we have been asking for. The Devs of this game have a history of being responsive to reasonable requests from the player base. Improved rumble matching is a reasonable request. Another guild vs guild type of competition is a reasonable request. Many of the things we have requested are reasonable, and I am sure they are being looked at for implementation in conjunction with their own planned expansion. Things that people request that serve no purpose beyond reducing their cost to play, will probably get less of their attention. As we have stated many times before, it is the revenue that allows Midoki to hire more staff and expand the features being offered in the game. Based on some players who have followed the hiring among such companies, it appears Midoki was looking to fill a few positions a while back. For me, that says with the new improvements to the platform, with the additional staff, we should have a lot to look forward to in the coming year.

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