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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Lynsey [Midoki], Jan 26, 2016.

  1. John56

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    There was a period in time, after the Legends were initially released, and before streaking was introduced, where BP was nearly impossible to get other than attacking nonstop. That made it difficult to upgrade the Academy to keep up with PH level. However, with the BP from streak chests it is, at least in my eyes, currently as easy to advance now as it was before Legends were released.
  2. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    It was never hard, it just became more tedious. If you send your ship out regularly, you can make significantly more from battered chests than you did from the Big Fish we used to use, it just takes a lot of really short sailtimes rather than a couple longer ones.

    We had Battered Chests before Streaking. You can get 10 a day with 3.5 hour journeys, which aren't any more tedious than the shorter of the times for the Big Fish, or 1-2 an hour with ~25 minute journeys if you're patient enough to do that, for an average of 85BP each chest. Over the hundreds you will get a month, this is tens of thousands of BP very easily. And also tens of thousands of EP, and hundreds of assorted common materials.
  3. Kamikazemug

    Kamikazemug First Mate

    As @Skye and many other players I too play both gemming and non gemming. So we days I just don't bother and other days I just give a wack at the gems just because I can.... BUT!

    I have a second account that does not gem, does not play as often, does not ha a max units of LP's.... It is just an second island that is going at a steady pace! The main difference is that moly account HAS joint up with a good active guild. (Only 2-3 occasional gemmers present). This results in a 24/7 rumble situations that rewards me daily with 1st 2nd of 3rd place. With this it provides me with enough grog, gold and BP to upgrade everything just right about when it was due. I thing it this is "on par" with the games mechanics as intended by midoki.

    Example: ph7 island was almost max (some gold and grog production) and the last Academy upgrade is currently on its way. I have collected just enough to upgrade PHall to level 8 and after 5 days was able to upgrade the Academy again (25.000BP). Although quite the number it is available just when I was ready for it again. I expect the same when moving to Phall level 9. I can again upgrade the academy but expect all units to bu maxed just before I have collected the BP again.
  4. Kamikazemug

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    An active guild with no gemmers can still get sufficient BP by playing a rumble 24/7. You can't win them all but you will get enough BP on a regular basis to support your island. You will loose some loot but the game is about Bp not about the other stuf!

    Ps: I get satisfaction from understanding the games AI. Big win (as a guild) is you test the limits en principles of the game in every battle that you play... within every update there are some minor bugs that you can use for a week... Find them. Withing every method there is an optimal counter method!

    Those who do not like the game in its current form should adapt! Bit like Darwin: goodness of fit.
    If you adapt in the proper way you will enjoy the game again!

    I am not going to give the principles away here, if everyone would be playing by the the advantage is gone again!
  5. Ultimate Sea Dog

    Ultimate Sea Dog First Mate

    @Kamikazemug: Darwin's statement is "survival of the fittest" but still, I agree with you.
  6. Kamikazemug

    Kamikazemug First Mate

  7. awbo

    awbo Captain

    Am wondering how this went @Skye?
  8. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    I got about 3500 points without much effort, which is much higher than our guild minimum of 2000 and high enough to meet many other competitive guild's pre-patch minimums.

    I forgot to post a result on the forums but I was pretty sure I mentioned it on Slack.

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