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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Lynsey [Midoki], Jan 26, 2016.

  1. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    It goes off the attacker's PR, not the defender's PR.
    If you're a PR700 fighting a PR1, you still get full points. That PR1 fighting a PR700 will get almost no points. The low PR players are the only ones being punished, and they will hopefully respond and increase their rank.
  2. Jirobaliw-

    Jirobaliw- Crew

    Perfect!..We can see now who's stronger...Goodjob midoki!
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  3. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    I knew you'd love it! You've been looking for this forever.
    With more people increasing their rank, loot at high ranks shouldn't be as big of an issue (hopefully!).
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  4. Bl00dBaTh

    Bl00dBaTh Captain

    So does this give an advantage to PH9's? I see we get a point increase for hitting a PH above, what's the scoring points for a PH9 hitting a PH10? Is this the start of another "mini" war? Or do they still get less than a PH10?
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  5. Booty isle

    Booty isle Captain

    Thank you doing this midoki. This was a much needed update to incentivize the rank pushers. Finally a reason to push rank again(after I get my troops trained of course). ;)
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  6. Lnds500

    Lnds500 Powder Monkey

    Yes, thanks, I have seen and subscribed already. It's -obviously- extremely useful.

    What can I say, you must be much better than me. There are some base designs which, for me, are simply a "no-go", especially without a LP (Sadie preferably). Maybe 1-2stars for those, 3 stars is a miracle. :p
  7. 850arrr

    850arrr Captain

    Say what?? As of late I have not been able to three star a max wall PH10 with that copied wedge layout with the ship and guild ship protecting the sides. Not sure what changed but I need streak bonuses and guild ship troops to make it happen nowadays. My troops are mid academy nine at the moment but have been using the same crew for awhile and now they don't cut it anymore.

    As for the new scoring system, I guess its all right, the jury is still out till I try it.
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  8. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    The final HG upgrade helps a lot. 20 extra damage adds up fast across all 5 bullets. I use a lot of HG, and a priestess to shut everything down. My army costs a fortune, but it does it without an LP or GS (I never use GS, sometimes I do bring Tinto to speed it up - but if he's on cooldown, I tough it out with no LP most of the time). If you get good at sky raiders, a lot of the versions of that design can be beaten with them as well.
  9. Bl00dBaTh

    Bl00dBaTh Captain

    Yes Skye is better than everyone here haha, I try to avoid that enclosed base, some of them I'll do depending if I can open them up with Sadie & then guide the Bombers but some I just can't do with my current Skelly crew, I'd have to start using Juggs, then Brutes for drawing GP fire.
  10. Bl00dBaTh

    Bl00dBaTh Captain

    For me it's just become a chore, I see these wedge bases (above 400 they're everywhere because everyone copies everything) & I just sigh, I then say here we go again, same layout, same layout, same layout, same layout, boring as hell.
  11. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    I'm not that good at all :c there are some really amazing players here that can do the same with half the cost of my army!
  12. Keelhauler Jake

    Keelhauler Jake First Mate

    Quick two cents from me, echoing the majority:

    1c Excellent change
    2c Getting enough grog for the upgrades at higher levels is tedious and addressing this would bring the same level of fun for higher level players that comes at lower levels. My Guild member who continually posts wins where he gets 1,000,000 grog with a low level army just reminds me what is missing in the game for me now.
  13. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    Nope, the baseline scoring means that a PH9 will still score less for hitting a PH10 than a PH10 would get for hitting another PH10. The PH9 can potentially score more though, if they are hitting a PH 10 and have a high enough rank to get a rank bonus, and the PH10's of a lower rank that either has no rank bonus or a rank penalty.
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  14. # Johnny Doe #

    # Johnny Doe # First Mate

    +1 to all the positive comments. Anything that makes high PR an advantage has got to be good for the game. I'm a farmer for life but it's nice to have a reason to rank up so you don't end up playing the equivalent of FarmVille.

    And it even got @Raptelan supporting it!!
    It's got to go down as a step in the right direction :)
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  15. Jomama

    Jomama Powder Monkey

    This is a stupid rule. what's the name of the game again? That's right PLUNDER pirates. You needed something you plundered it. Not anymore.No place to spend gold. Everything is based on grog now. why. Oh to get you to pay for it. Why not make LPs upgraded with gold? No, Midoki won't do that they just want your money. Losing interest with this game. Better do something soon or you are going to lose your followers.
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  16. Becker Redbeard

    Becker Redbeard First Mate

    Haven't enjoyed the new rumble structure yet but a few obvious concerns in the push to promote rank.
    -and Grog. Really, the newest grog distilleries up the production 250/hour. 250 x 7 collectors= One gunner PER HOUR for those upgrades. Yet Academy upgrades always push total costs (excepting some downward corrections with some updates). At my best PR I was in the top 20 worldwide (briefly and a long time ago now), but as many have pointed out grog is scarce, you've gotta spend more on troops to fight the same bases over and over. Not tremendous fun.
    Translate grog purchase costs to dollars, pounds, lira, whatever. Do you love the game enough to push rank and spend this kinda money every day to fight with Heavy Gunners and WD with bad AI? I've got the disposable income to support the game much much more, but won't just dump money to play a game people are turning on. The global leaderboard has disappeared but ironically the activity leaderboard shows more evidence of declining numbers.
    I honestly wish Midoki the best and I hope the game turns a corner in popularity, but it's the small decisions that have led to players quitting. I just got done sailing a week for ONE shark tooth. Bad luck sure, but at creature/chest drop rates, only way to advance LPs is cheap streak or massive gem spending. Narrow the play style, narrow the player pool.
  17. Skillzone10

    Skillzone10 Captain

    I personally find the spending of gems for resources incredibly useless. For 100 gems, and 1 hour of spare time, I could max out on both gold and grog. Just gem a few wise attacks with high loot from a low rank, and you will have what you need in no time!
  18. Cutthroat

    Cutthroat Powder Monkey

    I was reading through all the comments to see if anyone had mentioned grog. I'm fine with the realignment of points, but we need grog to recruit the troops and the recruitment time takes too long. After the AI in the HG and WD (and even Annabelle) went to crap, it's making the game more frustrating than fun. And this is coming from someone who has been playing this game for 498 days. If I'm bored/frustrated with the game, then there's something wrong. Never been one to complain before:/.
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  19. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    As more players are forced up to higher ranks, the grog situation should hopefully get better and better.

    While I agree that the increased grog income isn't enough, they have a different benefit (outside of just the extra hp to shield your base with): the capacity they can store got boosted significantly.
    This means, when you're fighting a retired player with the new distillery levels, you will get considerably more grog per battle when sniping the distilleries, making farming loot easier. At least that's one benefit from them, even if the actual income is a bit low. You'll get I believe 30k extra loot when sniping these collectors in the future, compared to PH9 collectors.

    I'd love for them to add an 8th collector, both for income as well as symmetry, but I don't believe they can squeeze anything extra into the game until they finally decide to cut iphone 4s support - that old pile of junk is already struggling. They should have a while ago, its not supported by apple anymore and is like 5 years old and almost no market share, but there would inevitably be complaints if that happened.
    Whenever they finally do that, I suspect the game will get a massive expansion :)

    I wouldn't be surprised if we get yet another distillery level in the next patch upgrade that helps address this better, its unlikely but definitely possible. Otherwise, maybe they will be nice and tweak the value a bit to help more with the new troop levels increased costs.
  20. Broadside

    Broadside Crew

    Awesome game, have loved the progress to date. Delighted Midoki got rid of mini rumbles. The implementation of streaking is problematic, and this update seems to be making it worse. The only way to get high level chests and rare items seems to be to streak, and the only way to streak is to gem. The last update pushed the high level chests out of reach even if I was gemming reloads - I simply can't do 30+ attacks in a session and haven't found a workaround that works for me allowing slower streaking. I have been unable to find a majestic ruby in months... This update simply means to me that dropping trophies and trying for a streak at all isn't going to give my guild the pp it previously did, so the double value of streaking is pretty much gone. So yeah... no more streaks except looting for big upgrades (running out of those), and therefore much less gemming. I'm sure that's not what Midoki wanted.
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