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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Lynsey [Midoki], Jan 26, 2016.

  1. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    Ahoy all!

    Today sees a tweak to the way that Plunder Points are calculated per battle. As before, they are based on the level of the Pirate Hall of the attacker versus the level of the Pirate Hall of the defender. However, the following changes have been introduced:

    * PIRATE RANK BONUS: Attackers with a higher Pirate Rank will be rewarded with a higher number of potential points per victory. Those with a low rank compared to their Pirate Hall level will see the number of potential points drop.

    * 1 STAR REDUCTION: The number of points gained for a one star victory has been reduced

    * 2 STAR REDUCTION: The number of points gained for a two star victory have been slightly reduced

    * ATTACKING LOWER LEVELS: The number of Plunder Points awarded for attacking an island that is of a lower level Pirate Hall to the attacker's own has been reduced

    * ATTACKING HIGHER LEVELS: The number of Plunder Points awarded for attacking an island that is of a higher Pirate Hall to the attacker's own has been increased

    These measures will reward skilful players who rise to the challenge of attacking those of their own/higher level, as opposed to those who deliberately drop rank to farm lower levels for easy wins.

    Edited 29th Jan with amendment to 2* victories
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2016
  2. Langballe

    Langballe Crew

    Great to finally see this change implemented. Good job Midoki :)
  3. Lnds500

    Lnds500 Powder Monkey

    Not a fun of this mainly because most high level bases use the same 3 designs which are most impregnable.

    Could you give us more details?

    Attacking a level 10 base now (I am lvl 10) give me 666/832 points. How much higher or lower will it go depending on rank?
  4. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    It can go down to 60% lower and and up to 75% higher, depending on the attacker's rank.

    And I've yet to see an impregnable base - even wedge bases can be taken down with a 1 or 2* victory, without guild perks or donated troops, if you use a decent army.
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  5. Langballe

    Langballe Crew

    At Pirate Rank 397 it is 599/748 (Lvl 10 vs lvl 10)
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  6. Lnds500

    Lnds500 Powder Monkey

    I'd like to see something like a small chart if possible.

    for example, what is the "normal" rank for each PH level, after how many ranks there are no more rewards etc.
  7. Lnds500

    Lnds500 Powder Monkey

  8. John56

    John56 First Mate

    Just bear in mind that this affects everyone, so overall Rumble scores will likely be a little lower until everyone adjusts to the new norm. Except, of course, for those Guilds who already have a lot of members with over 500 PR...
  9. Lnds500

    Lnds500 Powder Monkey

    It won't affect gemmers though.
  10. Alphafox

    Alphafox First Mate

    This change is really stupid, takes 2x as long to get points. This change just ticks me off and makes me want to play LESS not more.
  11. John56

    John56 First Mate

    You lost me here; this has nothing to do with gemmers; they would use gems regardless. Now they just be raising their PR to get more PP per attack. If anything, if a player had a goal to reach, say 3,500 PP, having a high PR would mean they could reach that goal with fewer attacks, and therefore use less gems (not that I believe this will happen).
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  12. Lnds500

    Lnds500 Powder Monkey

    Test case:

    My recruit costs for my whole team are 407.000 right now. That's 40 minutes of recruit time (and I don't have the latest academy upgrades yet).

    I am lvl 10 PH and when I want to get loot faster, I usually attack bases with grog/gold outside of the main base.
    You can use 6 gunners and get 315.000 each. That's around 2 minutes of recruit time. That way I can get loot much faster and start the upgrades I need without spending huge amounts of time over my screen.

    The alternative is for me to wait 40 mins for each recruitment and attack bases with resources close to 800.000 - 1.000.000 (- 400.000 = 600.000 profit). You can see that if I attack a base with low resources it's not worth if at all. It's not worth it, for a 40 min recruit time to attack a base with 500.000-600.000 grog and get in essence 100.000-200.000.

    That's what I'll have to do now though, unless I wanna be punished when I am rumbling. And btw, 1.000.000 bases usually come with everything maxed out, as I am sure you know.

    Gemmers don't have that problem. They can gem the recruitment time, attack whichever base they want and still rack up a lot of loot in a small amount of time.
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  13. Langballe

    Langballe Crew

    It gives people an incentive to not drop rank deliberately, I don't really see how that is a bad thing. There shouldn't be a reason to lose on purpose.

    Sure, it will take a little time before everyone figures it out, but then we'll probably see more high PR bases. And on average those bases should be a bit weaker than they are today.

    The heavy gemmers will have an even bigger advantage than they do today, though. I am not sure if I like that, but I guess it's fair given the time and money they spend on it.

    Maybe Midoki could increase the available grog, or better yet decrease the recruitment cost? And for sure it is about time for another upgrade to the Pirate Catcher!
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  14. Lnds500

    Lnds500 Powder Monkey

    I agree. There shouldn't. But, right now, there totally is.
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  15. Cap'nSmellyBeard

    Cap'nSmellyBeard First Mate

    Good job midoki! Now this'll make everyone go up in pirate rank!
  16. Cap'nSmellyBeard

    Cap'nSmellyBeard First Mate

    No, it just means u have to A) have a really high PR, or B) be a ph 10. This'll slow down the gemmers who have low PR.
  17. Alphafox

    Alphafox First Mate

    I am a PH10, guess ill see how it goes but around PR150 im getting a lot less than before..
  18. Juggernaut

    Juggernaut First Mate

    I totally agree with this point. The major reason a maxed base needs to drop rank is because of the need of grog to train your troops, at high ranking this is ridiculously thin, a reduction on the grog needed to rehire your crew would solve this.
    It's gonna be fun to see some of the "Top" rumbling guilds rumbling now, no more scoring big hitting midget islands.
  19. Loobz

    Loobz Powder Monkey

    Wouldn't high ranked players kinda get screwed on pp. cause they would always be attacking lower ranked players??
  20. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    I've started to compile one for PH10, along with a calculator to find the optimal place to farm ( - its explained more thoroughly in the thread I made for it. If you have data for the missing brackets, let me know).

    401-500 is the rank that gives you normal points as a PH10.

    There is no impregnable design. Every single design can be 3* pretty easily with a full crew of max level pirates, without an LP or GS troops (I haven't requested a single GS troop since PH8). You just need to adjust your attack strategy.

    Also, fighting maxed bases is not an optimal strategy, and it never has been. Using a cheap army to get 2* on a mid-level PH10 base with weak defenses, in the low 400s, is probably the best strategy right now. You get 60% of the available points, but you can recruit your army much cheaper and much faster. As more bases rise in rank because of the new system, the sweet spot is going to go up. But now high rank players are much less punished, and being a PR700 you can still find weak lower-pr players, and will be able to find even more of them soon, getting all of that bonus!

    Also, since more weaker players will be encouraged to go up in rank, you'll find much more variety.

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