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Discussion in 'Spoilers' started by Machop69, Aug 30, 2016.

  1. Machop69

    Machop69 Crew

    For most of us who are new or just arent at the PH11 range, some of us don't know what the New Defence designs look like such as the Voodoo Hut or the Academy new levels.
  2. Ultimate Sea Dog

    Ultimate Sea Dog First Mate

    AC resembles the PH10 one in shape, but is diff colour.
    Bunkers have a pirate 'stamp' on top
    most other defenses are similar, but have the same stamp on them
  3. awbo

    awbo Captain

    Just go to your country leaderboard and visit a few bases.
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  4. Machop69

    Machop69 Crew

    Most of the people in my leaderboard (AUS) are just upgrading their ph or just don't have the maxed base
  5. awbo

    awbo Captain

    I am in AUS and I find plenty there to look at.
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  6. Ian

    Ian Commodore

    @Machop69 if you do a search on The Guild 'Midnight Rampage' a number of our members are well into their PH11 builds (including myself). Between us you should get a good idea on all the new defences and building.
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