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  1. i have returned to where I started Midnight Rebels. Things are a little different this time we have relaxed stress free, game play with active people that enjoy the game. None of that means we keep people that don't contribute.
    We are open to anyone any lvl, if you want to learn the game or if you just want a break from minimums we are the place for you.
    Any visitors are more than welcome.
  2. The addiction too strong?!?:D
    Great to see you sailing the seas again! (How's that mini going?)
    I'm certain your crew will be complete before you know it. Good luck
  3. Yes capt flyht! Good to hear from you. My mini is with me in Rebels as well and I am still enjoying it although the frustration of silo space is driving me crazy! How are things in your wonderful guild the STRAW HATS?
  4. I know that frustration! I have a lot of unopened chests!!!
    I see you are nearly full :D
    Those still looking hurry before you miss your chance to be in a guild with a truly great bunch of pirates! ( and definitely one of the best captains in the game!!)

    We are all good, some brilliant new members that are revitalising the game and making it great fun. Our wall is alive with chat at the moment (and it's not all just me!!!o_O:D)
  5. We have a few places just made vacant, people joining a guild should say hello
    Join us say hello, have a quick chat. Ask as many questions as you like, we are here to help
  6. Looking for active players that like to join in and contribute. Say hello when you join.
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  7. Scarlet Fever

    Scarlet Fever First Mate

    Great to see you back in Midnight Rebels @Seawitch ready for some chilling:cool:
  8. Thx Scarlet very nice to be home at Midnight Rebels
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  9. Floki

    Floki Captain

    Midnight oh howling at the moon time or rum time or wine time I get so confused hehe:D
  10. Taipanfan

    Taipanfan First Mate

    Great to see you back in the game Seawitch. Anyone joining you won't be disappointed.
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  11. Thank you @Taipanfan it's great to be back. This is the best social game I have played.
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  12. Midnight Rebels is firstly a training guild so if you are just starting off and need a little help and guidance we are the guild for you! communication as a guild is needed so jump in introduce yourself and let us help you on your journey.
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  13. Thunderstruck coming! If you want an active guild that tries hard in events we are the guild for you. We don't allow non contributors. Help is given and perks are funded. We will be rumbling 24/7 during event.
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  14. Great start to thunderstruck! Great crew. Woohoo go Rebels!
  15. Floki

    Floki Captain

    It's going well go team woooyoooohoooo
  16. Are you interested in helping new players ? Do you have advice for small ph's. Midnight Rebels is a training guild that is active and friendly come help us help other players
  17. We use an outside app called slack for communication with all our guilds in our alliance. It has some really good information stored on it to help new and old players. As well as contact with some very long term players in the game.
    If you are an active player Midnight Alliance has something for everyone
  18. Guild sailing event coming. Midnight Rebels will try for an early start on points. Come join us!
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  19. We have a few places open. Speaking on entry is expected. Guild event participation is mandatory. Friendly helpful crew. Perks kept up to date. If you like a quick friendly chat and like to join in we are the guild for you.
  20. Friendly crew. Perks kept up. What more do you need? Any level accepted. Just say hello when joining and be friendly.
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