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Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Deadwood, Oct 21, 2020.

  1. Deadwood

    Deadwood Powder Monkey

    Do you wanna join one of the oldest and most famous guilds in PP? Have fun with no drama? Join us now!
    Red Flag Fleet is currently looking for active pirates to join our family. Daily rumbles and perks always funded. Must speak English and be an active player. We are looking for PH7 and higher, minimum rank 300.

    We are currently ranked 22# in the top 100 rumble guilds.
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  2. Unique Rebel

    Unique Rebel First Mate

    Whose running the RFF titanic now?
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  3. Black-ish Beard

    Black-ish Beard Captain

    Looks like Teach took the helm. I was sad to see that Christy not only stepped down. I believe she’s retired...without even saying goodbye.:(
  4. Deadwood

    Deadwood Powder Monkey

    Captain-chaz is Running things, Teach is just temporarily Captain.
    Yes, Im sad Christy left too.. and that I didnt return before she did!
    She was great as captain and I hope she will be back!
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  5. Capt. Overkill

    Capt. Overkill Powder Monkey

    Most likely is tired of playing a game that isn't supported anymore, we're all feelin that
  6. Deadwood

    Deadwood Powder Monkey

    I felt that many years ago.. then I stopped playing for a long time! But now I really enjoy playing again!

    And now RFF is full and we are doing great!
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  7. Black-ish Beard

    Black-ish Beard Captain

    We had a decent Rumble against RFF Monday/Tuesday. Nice to see an older guild rebuilding. So many simply vanished:)
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  8. Deadwood

    Deadwood Powder Monkey

    Yeah, I`ve searched for many of my old guilds, but all are gone!
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  9. Black-ish Beard

    Black-ish Beard Captain

    It’s sad. No sense of history when the slate is wiped.
  10. Floki

    Floki Captain

    Hi folks looking for cut throat Christi an you help
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  11. Black-ish Beard

    Black-ish Beard Captain

    Hi Floki, good to see you! Thinking about playing again? Christy left the game about 120 days ago. I only know because I run across her island now and then. Maybe some RFF crew still chat on GroupMe or elsewhere?

    alpha-1 arggh, formerly of the late Black Flag
  12. Deadwood

    Deadwood Powder Monkey

    Hi Floki! Long time no seen! I would too like to reach her! Please tell if you find her
  13. Black-ish Beard

    Black-ish Beard Captain

    I ran across Christy’s island today, coincidently during a Rumble with RFF! How appropriate, right?
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