Legendary Pirates: A Players Guide

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bear, Aug 20, 2015.

  1. Beck [Midoki]

    Beck [Midoki] Designer Staff Member

    :D we have been discussing it recently @Scar Face, there's a lot of stuff coming up but we can see how things go :)
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  2. Ultimate Sea Dog

    Ultimate Sea Dog First Mate

    @Beck [Midoki] do you guys mind releasing Ching on the Trade Ship again? i wanna buy Red dragon but Ching's not coming...
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  3. SitFlyer_

    SitFlyer_ Crew

  4. Christy

    Christy Commodore

    Wow impressive. Thank you for taking the time to put this together. Seeing this makes me realize I will never have enough voodoo masks though :eek:
  5. TBaggins

    TBaggins First Mate

    Does everyone realize how epic Sadie is for loot sniping?
  6. jips76

    jips76 Powder Monkey

    Lets just be real - the rare and epic items needed to level these guys DOESNT EXIST. Ive got Boomer and Cornelius and they are lvl 4 and 3 respectively. Hundreds of sailing farming and NO loot to uograde them EVER drop. Its insane. This game is so d*mn frustrating. Its one of the few games that actually PUNISHES you the longer you play. Its INSANELY unbalanced. How can a game start out so fun and end up so TEDIOUS?!?!
    How many more months should I farm to get the citrine I need to upgrade boomer past lvl 4? 6 months? 8?
    Really at a standstill. Unless you dedicate every waking hour to making stuff happens and timing it right for long sail times FORGET IT.
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  7. Skillzone10

    Skillzone10 Captain

    This would be incorrect, for a few reasons. Firstly, all you need for rare materials only found in chests is the ability to streak. So drop your rank, and get to it. Its the quick way to pile lots of chests, which will give you grog, EP, BP, gold, and, of course, materials.
    Also don't understand how you find it frustrating to save under a million loot. Just drop your rank, and farm. 5 mil grog is easy to farm in a few days' time, and you do not have to play like crazy. Most players don't need to really farm for the actual grog needed to upgrade the LPs, its just the BP and materials. So, no, it does not take months to farm loot to upgrade lower levels. Probably a few hours at the most. Maybe dedicate two minutes of searching to find a 1 mil loot base which you can take on, and then the loot is yours! You would be advised to drop rank, just because there are easier bases with high loot, if you want it fast and easy.
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  8. jips76

    jips76 Powder Monkey

    Ok. Point proven - A) drop rank because staying high is frustratingly impossible to maintain. The payouts are miserable as compared with dropping down to lvl 50-150. That proves my point of punishing success.

    2nd - how many streaks must I do to get Citrine to drop? How many months have LPs been out and i dont hve the materials yet? Grog and battle points arent my issue. BP IS an issue ill admit that (50,000 for Academy 7??? REALLY????) but once again it just proves my point that the upgrades begin not to take days or weeks but MONTHS of grinding.
    Ive streaked 1000 gems worth the past two months and havent gotten the drops Ive needed.
    I think Midoki is sealing their own fate by punishing long term players, i dunno maybe its me.
  9. Skillzone10

    Skillzone10 Captain

    Either you are incredibly unlucky, or you are doing it wrong. What I recommend is to repeat streaks to 30 again and again. This is where you earn a great amount of chests, which are full of those common and rare materials needed to upgrade. I could probably get 10-15 Radiant Citrines in a day if I really had to, by sailing my ship and attacking the right monsters, while also streaking, with a goal of finding a certain material.
    Also, BP may take some time, but should not be hard if you are a daily player wanting to be considered a top player sometime soon, who attacks daily, and actively participates in rumbles.
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  10. LYM

    LYM Captain

  11. Danny Liu

    Danny Liu First Mate

    This thread should be unpinned... It's no longer useful.
  12. jips76

    jips76 Powder Monkey

    Unlucky I suppose. Dont know how I can have tons of other rare stuff in my silo but just not the stuff I need
  13. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    I have a bigger issue with common items than rare ones.

    For common items, and BP, the best method is to take a very short sailing trip on the Western seas, taking the super weak monsters right by the base. There's a couple that are ~20m sail time that have a decent chance at dropping a battered chest; so if you send a ship out every 20ish minutes you'll get around a chest an hour, up to around 20 a day if you're like me and don't sleep much. If you don't have the patience to do that, which I usually don't, I fight the 5-7 closest weak monsters, with a 3.5 hour sail time, and get about 10 battered chests a day. At an average of 85 bp per chest, thats a good 850 bp a day, and a couple common materials as well. Between this, the BP from streak chests, bp from errands, bp from those monsters when they don't drop chests, bp from the 10 wins per day you should be putting in, and bp from rumbling, you should be able to upgrade your academy faster than it takes to train every troop to max level, if you wait until every troop is completely maxed before upgrading it another level.

    For loot itself, I find the optimal range to farm at changes day to day, as players drop rank and force high loot bases to various levels, anywhere between 100 and the low 300s - I generally farm in the mid 200s, but loot isn't abysmal anywhere under 400. You may have to drop off leaderboard levels if you want loot, but you don't have to go to 1, and actually going too low is going to hurt you.

    For the rare items, sailing is not the way to do it. Streaking, as previously mentioned, is.

    Streaking to 30 is the optimal place to restart your streak. You'll get 3 bandits, 3 freebooters, a corsairs, and a marauders chest. On average, you'll probably get around 9 material slots across the 8 chests. Some times you won't get almost any, some times you may get 20, but on average it will probably be around 9 material slots. Each slot has a roughly even chance to be any available material, and there are quite a few to choose from, so you may have to streak to 30 a couple times to find any of the specific one you want, but you'll get a decent supply of every kind, and on average, over hundreds of streaks, it will be roughly uniform. I believe rare/epic items might actually be slightly more common than common items, but my sample size wasn't big enough to account for the chance to have 1/2/3 materials in a single slot.

    You aren't meant to max all your LP in a short time for free, or even one LP. But you don't need them to be max to win. With normal troops completely maxed, there isn't a single base I can't 3* without ANY LP or GS troops. I go in with 10 less slots than most people, and I rarely bring an LP. They are a bonus, sure, but they are not required to beat any challenge in the game, and even at level 10, which you can get to for free pretty quickly, they make things very easy. Getting them to the absolute max level isn't required to fully experience the game, and should really be a very long term goal - your enjoyment shouldn't base around upgrading them. Accept that its meant to take months and months to max a single one for free, it may take a week or two for a single level at some point, but this is intended. They aren't like gunners where having them only at level 10 is suicide endgame and you have no chance, and they aren't meant to be constantly upgrading.
  14. John56

    John56 First Mate

    Regarding your "point proven", the next update will reward staying higher in rank, due to increased plunder points from attacking. BP is already tied to your rank; hopefully it will be even more so after this update.
    In the meantime, if you know that "success" is punished, why bang your head against the wall? Drop rank and streak to 30 as Skillzone and Skye have suggested above. They are giving you useful advice on how to overcome your issue with materials.

    Also, Academy 7 is 25,000 BP, not 50,000. With the drop rate of BP in chests, streaking will also help you greatly in upgrading your Academy.
  15. Kamikazemug

    Kamikazemug First Mate

    I know @Skye @c00ni and mezelf @Kamikazemug keep track of these things (long excel files gathering Intell ourselves and from trusted parties. On avarage I have rated the common battered chests currently at ph7 for 170 BP or EP per chest. At Ph9 I know this to be 210 BP or EP on avarage. So if you are ever on the point of upgrading your pirate hall and you have heaps of chests en no real need for the items right away... I would suggest you wait! Also applies heavily for the lower Phall players who just started. STREAK YOU THUMBS OFF AND SAVE UP THE CHEST FOR SOME TIME LATER WHEN YOU FORT SILE ARE UPGRADED A BUT MORE AND ACADEMY UPGRADES BECOME PRICELESS WITH REGARDS TO BP
  16. Scar Face

    Scar Face Crew

    I have been streaking at least twice a day up to 25-30 since streaking first started. Really, it takes 1 - 1.5 hours per streak. I open every chest I get and keep materials for those LPs I have and toss the rest. I get material for at least one of my LPs each time. Even with the increasing BP cost for each level of LP training, I still have plenty of excess BP. My Ching is training for level 25, my Blackbeard is level 22, and the others are coming along nicely.
    Sometimes I farm while streaking getting at least 1 star and can max my stores in one streak.
    Since you are having such a difficult time doing it your way, try it my way for a while and I'm sure you will have similar results.
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  17. SitFlyer_

    SitFlyer_ Crew

    I've updated the spreadsheet to include the Voodoo Outfits.
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  18. Sea Patriot

    Sea Patriot Captain

    Very well put @Bear, do you mind if I take screen shots and use them for training?
  19. SitFlyer_

    SitFlyer_ Crew

  20. Kamikazemug

    Kamikazemug First Mate

    Your the best!!!
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