Legendary Pirates: A Players Guide

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    This is just the beginning of this guide. As I get more data, and we learn more about the pirates, this guide will grow. Please Comment if you feel I have an error, or if you want something to be added to the guide.

    This is the home of the pirates once you purchase them from the trade ship. They are basically in prison (slave trade anyone?). There are several things you can do from the Fort. I’ll organize this list by Buttons you can click and explain what each does.

    -- FAQ – This just pulls up a summary list of questions about the Legendary Pirates, a more complete list is on the forums in the FAQ section.

    -- Train – This pulls up the training menu for the pirate in question.

    --Details – This opens up the main Pirate UI for each pirate and is where most of your interaction takes place
    • There is a biography displayed for the pirate.
    • You can click the “outfits” button to change the pirates outfit. Outfits have no effect on the pirates abilities, they are purely aesthetic.
    • You can also access the training menu
    -- Collection – This allows you to browse your legendary pirates in a Catalogue style. It simply shows which pirates you own, and which outfits you have for each pirate. You can also click on outfits to change into them from this window.

    -- Activate – This makes the pirate your active pirate. He/She will be the pirate that adds defensive buffs to your island, and will go into battle with your crew.

    Additional notes on the Fort:
    • You can swipe back and forth on the prison cells to view more pirates.
    • From island view, select your fort to make the Legendary Pirate icon appear on the left of your screen.
      • Once this icon appears. Press and hold on the defensive buff icons to send our a “sonar” type effect. This will highlight exactly what buildings are affected by the pirate. If the pirates effect has a range to it. The range will be shown.
    • Troops can walk on, and attack the stone part of the fort, but the dock area can be used to block troops, much like the ship and guild ship currently do.
    • While you can view the training menu while the pirate is resting, you cannot begin a training until the resting period is finished.
    • As of now, you cannot access the fort while it is upgrading, unless you have been attacked. This should be fixed soon.
    Trade Ship
    The trade ship does not stay at your fort forever. Upon building the fort, the trade ship will appear initially for 4 Days. After this 4 days, the ship will return every weekend for 2 days. The Trade Ship is where you purchase new pirates, and outfits for the pirates. The pirates and outfits are random. (Initially everyone received Mack, and a random selection of 3 pirates). Following is the buttons and explanations for the Trade Ship UI:

    -- Legends Tab:
    • Here you can view the two legendary Pirates offered this week, this selection is random, and based off of your fort level. (only 6 pirates are currently available)
    • Long press on the power icons to see their description.
    • “Magnifying Glass” – Clicking this will open up a details page very similar to the details page in the Fort. The only difference is that the “outfit” and “train” button are not available here since you don’t yet own these pirates.
    • The recruiting cost is displayed at the bottom of each pirate. Once you recruit a pirate, he/she is permanently yours. You will never have to give them up or trade them.
    • Legends also have stamina. It uses 1 stamina to deploy them, and 1 to deploy them.
    -- Outfits Tab:
    • Here you will be given 4 options of outfits. This is random as well. Initially it looks like 2 outfits per pirate, but we will see if that changes as this develops.
    • Some outfits cost gold, others cost gems (lots of gems.)
    • Clicking on a pirate icon will show the pirate wearing the outfit as a preview.
    The Silo stores treasure chests, and materials. Treasure Chests can contain any of the regular loot (BP, EP, Gold, Grog) or materials. Once a chest is opened, the materials will be moved to the materials tab of the Silo. If you open a chest, but your materials tab is full, the chest will remain in the treasure chest tab of the silo so you don’t lose any of the loot. The Silo can be attacked during battle, but you cannot lose any chests, or materials in it. Now for the descriptions of the tabs:

    -- Treasure Chest Tab:
    • Here there is a button, much like in the market, to buy chests.
      • Admiral’s Chest (400 Gems), Captain’s Chest (300 Gems), Quartermaster’s Chest (100 Gems), Merchant’s Chest (40 Gems).
    • Also any chest bought, or discovered from fighting monsters on the exploration map will appear here. You can click the chests to open it.
    • Each level of chest contains a greater number of items, plus a greater chance to get rare items.
    --Materials Tab:
    • Materials are used to train your Legendary Pirate.
    • You can view your materials here.
    • If you click on a material you have the option to trash it, or see its details.
    • If you click the details icon(magnifying glass) then it will tell you which pirate can use this material, and where it can be found.
    Additional notes about the Silo:
    • You can also click on monsters and ships on the exploration map to see what materials or chests they have a chance to drop.
    Material Approximate Map Locations

    Legendary Pirate Training Costs





    Attacking/Defending With LP
    • A pirates stamina is spent when attacking, and defending.
      • -1 stamina to deploy, - 1 stamina if knocked out in battle
      • -1 stamina if your base is attacked, and - 1 if your Fort is destroyed.
    • If your pirate runs out of stamina it must "rest" to regain it.
      • A pirate cannot be used while resting, but you can gem the rest time.
      • The pirate cannot be rested until it's stamina is completely depleted.
    • Your legendary pirates is the first pirate on your list, and is selected for deployment. So, make sure to select another pirate before deploying troops.
    • A legendary pirate cannot die. He is simply knocked out, and is immediately available for the next attack. (If it had enough stamina)
    • Your pirate doesn't actually fight to defend your island. It "defends" the island in the sense that it buffs different buildings depending on the pirate.
    • The defensive buff ends whenever the fort is destroyed.
    • If your pirate is out of stamina the buff will not be applied to your island.
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    Legendary Skills and Buffs
    (Buffs labeled "near fort" have a range of 10 tiles)
    Mack McKraken:
    Claw Chaos: damages surrounding nearby structures
    Defensive Buff: Increases damage done by cannons near the Legendary Fort.
    Defensive Buff: Increases hit points of resource generators and storages.
    Battle Mechanics: Mack will disarm the Shark Trap. He travels around the island by grappling onto resources with his extendable claw. He can also jump walls.

    Cornelius Heston:
    Monkey Business: sends forth angry combat apes
    Defensive Buff: Increases damage done by cannons near the Legendary Fort.
    Defensive Buff: Increases damage done by mortars near the Legendary Fort (inc. Mystic mortars).
    Battle Mechanics: Cornelius special skill launches the monkey forward even over walls.

    Romeo Boomer:
    Mills & Boom: AOE explosion
    Defensive Buff: Increases hit points of walls across the island.
    Defensive Buff: Increases damage done by cannons across the island.
    Battle Mechanics: Boomers Special ability does not stun him or troops around him.
    Annabelle Levaux:
    Shut it!: Slows down nearby Defenses
    Offensive Buff: Heals nearby Troops
    Defensive Buff: Increases stun duration of Voodoo defenses across the island.
    Defensive Buff: Increases hit points of Voodoo defenses across the island.
    Battle Mechanics: Annabelle teleports around the island in a ball of Voodoo light seeking troops to heal. She has a bubble around her that indicates her healing radius. Her Stun radius is significantly larger than her healing bubble.
    No Quarter: Beard-based AOE explosion
    Defensive Buff: Increased damage done by mines across the island.
    Defensive Buff: Increased hit points of Gun Towers across the island.
    Battle Mechanics: Blackbeard's special ability No Quarter stuns him and nearby troops for several seconds. If you are desperate enough to use it, get ready for him to be killed long before his stun wears off.

    Legendary Pirates Max Stats
    Mack McKraken:
    Toughness: 1375
    Damage: 450
    Speed: 31
    Chaos Claw: +150 Damage, -10 Seconds cool down
    Defensive Buff: +14% Increased Hit points of resource generators and storages.
    Defensive Buff: +7% Increased damage done by cannons near the Legendary Fort.

    Romeo Boomer:
    Damage: 350
    Toughness: 1350
    Ability Range: 45
    Speed: 22
    Mills & Boom: +60 Damage, -10 Seconds cool down
    Defensive Buff: +11% Increased damage done by cannons across the island.
    Defensive Buff: +9% Increased hit points of walls across the island.

    Annabelle Levaux:
    Healing: 16
    Toughness: 1175
    Ability Range: 40
    Speed: 15
    Shut It!: -10 Seconds of cool down, +6 Seconds of stun effect, +40 Range of Shut It!
    Defensive Buff: +14% Increased hit points of Voodoo defenses across the island.
    Defensive Buff: +9% Increased stun duration of Voodoo defenses across the island.

    Damage: 450
    Toughness: 1500
    Speed: 14
    Minion Boost: +2 Damage of bodyguards
    No Quarter: -10 Seconds cool down, +100 Damage, +60 Range
    Defensive Buff: +11% Increased hit points of gun towers across the island.
    Defensive Buff: +15% Increased damage done by mines across the island.

    Cornelius Heston:
    Damage: 550
    Toughness: 1650
    Speed: 11
    Monkey Business: -15 Seconds cool down, +4 Monkeys Summoned (5 Total)
    Defensive Buff: +12% Increased damage done by mortars near the Legendary Fort (inc. mystic mortars).
    Defensive Buff: +7% Increased damage done by cannons near the Legendary Fort.

    These do not affect stats or abilities in any way, they are simply for customization and bragging rights. Some players said they wanted a way to customize their island for a bit of money, and this purely cosmetic feature seems perfect for those looking for a personal flair! If you don't care about aesthetics or completionism, they won't seem worth it to you, but to us fashionistas of the high seas, they are a welcome treat!

    There seems to be one common outfit purchasable for gold (2-2.5m approx), one common outfit purchasable for grog (2-2.5m approx), one common outfit purchasable for EP (100,000EP), one uncommon outfit purchasable forgems (200-400 approx?) and one rare outfit purchasable for gems (500-750 approx?) The sixth outfit is probably going to be purchasable with BP, but I haven't seen any yet to get a price on.

    A common outfit has a normalbackground, an uncommon outfit has agreen background, and a rare outfit has a blue background.

    All outfits have a chance of dropping in a chest.
    Romeo Boomer
    Oh, Mr. Darcy (Common - 2,000,000 Grog)
    Wickham (Common - 2,000,000 Gold)
    Bicorne Bombshell (Uncommon - 250 Gems)
    As You Wish (Epic - 2000 Gems)

    Mack McKraken
    Bandit (Common - 2,500,000 Grog)
    Thistle (Common - 2,500,000 Gold)
    Glad Rags (Uncommon - 300 Gems)

    Cornelius Heston
    Heart of Glass (Common - 2,000,000 Gold)
    The Menace (Common - 2,500,000 Grog)
    Hail to the Chef (Rare - 750 Gems)

    Annabelle Levaux
    The Wanderer (Common - 100,000 EP)
    The Protector (Common - 5,000 BP)
    Where's Henri (Uncommon - 250 Gems)
    Ixchel (Epic - 2000 Gems)

    Purplebeard (Common - 3,000,000 Grog)
    Admiral (Uncommon - 250 Gems)
    Mr. Fancy Hat (Rare - 1,000 Gems)
    Son of Anarchy (Epic - 2,500 Gems)
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    Added Training Costs for McKraken and Boomer. I don't have Cornelius yet. So if anyone wants to PM me his training values, Id appreciate it.
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    This is not true.
    You only *have* to tap it once. It will bounce around and open regardless of how many more times you tap it.
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    I say Heston is the most viable pirate i terms of maxing out first; just farm the crabs. Other than that, McKraken would also be viable for maxing out since u can farm BP and the copper at the same time (since they come from the fish). Other than that I HAVE gotten copper from bigger fish; just something to look out for.
    Another interesting observation is that only 8 of the 12 legends are mentioned in the 'Used By' section, this may be due to the fact that these pirates would be available first with the other 4 coming in a later update (the same one that would allow you to upgrade your Legend Fort to a higher level I presume.)
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