Iron Mountain Guild - Top 100 Globally! 9 spots available!

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Lebrechaun, Nov 2, 2017.

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    Lebrechaun Powder Monkey

    G'day Fellow Scalliwags!

    The 'Wanted' posters are up ... the Mountain is recruiting! We are looking for a few good men & women to fill some seats at the Tavern! Are you the Pirate that we seek? If you are active, mature, generous and engaging...,then you've nailed it! You also have to be quick on the trigger..., have an incredible temper and for the sake of good conversation ... be missing part of a limb somewhere! ;)

    Iron Mountain is an active and mature Guild. We pride ourselves on properly funded resources and high-level Pirate donations ... all delivered at lightning speed! There's a community at play here and it's alive and well! Our Chat Forum is electric with activity, yet it is always welcoming and friendly. Strike a balance in your life. With just two dedicated Rumble days per week (Wednesday's & Saturday's) you are guaranteed to get yer Pirate on, without it costing you a marriage! We consistently rank within the Top 100 Guilds & Rumble Guilds in the Pirate World. At time of writing, we are #52 & #65 respectively!

    At Iron Mountain, we pride ourselves on listening to our Guildmates. All major issues are put to a vote in the Forum. Your opinion will be heard and carries as much weight as the veteran players amongst us!

    Seize the day, Mates! Stop wallowing in the despair of a drought-stricken Guild! Cast anchor and set sail for the Mountain! We'll leave a light on in the Tavern for ya!

    In Swashbucklin' Solidarity,

    Captain Lebrechaun
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