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Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by MrHyer, Apr 7, 2015.

  1. Karey78

    Karey78 Powder Monkey

    Rules read and understood. And I'm a Bundy rum kinda girl
  2. Brian conlon

    Brian conlon Powder Monkey

    Read the rules. I agree
  3. Kelsto

    Kelsto Powder Monkey

    I've read the charter and am fully on board! I am working to get my Academy to 6. Hopefully this is not a deal breaker.

    Please shoot me the WhatsApp info when I'm online next.
  4. Barba Negra

    Barba Negra Powder Monkey

    After setting clear targets (and kicking some asses, of course) the guild is achieving great performance during the rumbles. We are feeling unbeatable!
    You rock Mr Hyer!
  5. lucysarra10

    lucysarra10 Powder Monkey

    hi, may i ask? is that the guild still have some slot i can join?
  6. MrHyer

    MrHyer Powder Monkey

    Hiya @lucysarra10 , if you're still around, yes.
    Very limited spots at the moment, join us on the game and we can talk there. ;)
  7. SuedeHead

    SuedeHead Powder Monkey

    Looking for a few good pirates who like to have fun!
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2015
  8. Hoopa Drives

    Hoopa Drives Powder Monkey

    Hello my fellow guild mates!!! GO IJT!!!!
  9. Gangrene Beard

    Gangrene Beard Commodore

    I just wanted to pop in and say that I love your rules and prerequisites. Good luck out there!
  10. Hellfire

    Hellfire Powder Monkey

    Just curious what level pirates everyone have. Just if we know were our strengths are better to share our strongest pirates than giving out weak ones. Example my gunners are lvl 19 very low compared to lot of you guys, but maybe i should be sharing my bombers instead or juggernauts.
  11. Brownbeard

    Brownbeard Powder Monkey

    We b' recruitin' dedicated players lads n' lassies!!! No vermin b' needin t' apply!!!
  12. MrHyer

    MrHyer Powder Monkey

    Thank you for stopping by @Gangrene Beard :)
    Really simple and easy to follow rules as well as trying to keep the Guild organized, so far, so good! :)
    Gangrene Beard likes this.
  13. Princess Bride 5

    Princess Bride 5 Powder Monkey

    Thanks Gangrene Beard! Same to you guys - hope to meet you in a rumble sometime!
    Gangrene Beard likes this.
  14. Gangrene Beard

    Gangrene Beard Commodore

    Absolutely! We're always interested in fun rumbles :)
  15. прокат

    прокат Powder Monkey

  16. Princess Bride 5

    Princess Bride 5 Powder Monkey

    We now have a few openings for anyone searching for an active guild. We're taking a short break from rumbling to allow members to upgrade with the newest update, so now's a great time to join before the next rumble starts!
  17. Black stew

    Black stew Powder Monkey

    Hi tars just wondered if you would have space on board for an old scottish sea dog
    Only have my PH at lvl6 but im working on plundering as many scallywags as I can to upgrade
  18. MrHyer

    MrHyer Powder Monkey

    We have a few spots left now, getting stronger every day!
    Unique Whatsapp group to get everyone closer and make the Guild run smooth while offline (amazing!)

    The minimum level will increase soon, for now it will still be 200!
  19. BobsCrispyDuck

    BobsCrispyDuck Powder Monkey

    After some "fall cleaning" we could use a few new members! Like to Rumble? We're your guild!
  20. BobsCrispyDuck

    BobsCrispyDuck Powder Monkey

    Looking for a few good Rumblers!

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