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Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by MrHyer, Apr 7, 2015.

  1. MrHyer

    MrHyer Powder Monkey

    Irish Jack Tars!

    02/02/16 Update:
    We have opened a few spots for those active and dedicated pirates willing to take the game to the next level!
    Don't forget to join now, the Guild will remain open until further notice.

    Hello and welcome! We are a friendly and solid international team of competitive players, highly active and with a wide age range. We respect each and every individual pirate in our Guild and we also aim to maintain good communication with all the Guild members. Our goal is to always enjoy the game while we act as a team to defeat any adversaries that we come across at the sea.

    New Member Requirements:
    • Pirate Hall level 8+
    • Academy level 7+
    • All guild perks.
    • Keep your Pirate Rank above 250+. (We like staying on top 50 world wide!)
    • Participate in Guild Chat regularly.
    • Speaking English is essential. (even the most feared pirates talk from time to time!)
    • Follow the line of command.
    • Introduce yourself when you are accepted to the Guild. - We want to know who you are.
    • Join out "Kik" group (Every scurvy dog needs a tavern to spill their stories!)

    Pirate Donations and Perks Contribution:
    • Every member of of the Guild should have all the perks built and upgraded.
    • Every member of the Guild is expected to help with the donations of pirates and resources for the Perks.
    • Do not abuse the pirate donation system. (Ex. If you're a PH8 and you have received 452 pirates and have donated 0, you will be warned, if nothing changes in a short period of time, you will be kicked without notice).
    • We are aiming to have every member of the Guild with lvl 19+ gunners. Our main focus is to help the lower members of our team to reach and therefore, be able to donate the pirated mentioned above.

    Rumbles and In-Guild events:
    • Rumbles will be announced in advanced via our Kik group and in-game chat so all the members of the Guild are aware of the upcoming event.
    • We try to promote participation of every Guild member during the rumbles with a minimum BP per rumble requirement.
    • Further In-Guild events will be notified in time by the Captain, QM or First Mates.
    • If you wont be able to play for a few days, let a First Mate, QM, or the Captain know in advance.
    • Players offline for 3 days will be [ nudged ], after 7 days, the player will gulp on salty water.
    • If you just log in without upgrading, attacking, exploring, donating or even talking in the chat, you will be consider as inactive and will be kicked without any notice as you are not longer an asset to the Guild.


    Asking about promotions is ok, asking to be promoted is NOT.
    Our officers have a great way of keeping track of the struggles and good work of our members making rank promotions slightly more realistic and simple.
    First Mate ranks are given at the Captain's discretion (Number is very limited)
    Promotions are earned by:
    • Playing regularly.
    • Have been on Irish Jack Tars for at least 2 months.
    • Participating in the Guild Chat regularly.
    • Help with the Guild Perks when possible.
    • Donate troops when possible. (Gunners lvl 19+ preferred)
    • Help other members of the Guild.
    • Joining and participating in our Guild's Kik group.
    • Read, bump or comment in this Forum (when requested)

    If this is the Guild you're looking for, PM me or just send a request in the game!
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  2. Princess Bride 5

    Princess Bride 5 Powder Monkey

    If you are looking for an active, upcoming guild this is the group for you. Perks are always funded and pirate donation requests are quickly filled. Our captain is good about monitoring members and activity, and there's always someone on the chat since we're an international group. Plus it's just a good group who are fun to chat and game with!
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  3. MrHyer

    MrHyer Powder Monkey

    Just as Princess said (awesome signature!), the Guild is really active and we follow really simple rules, its well organized and we are aiming high.

    The Guild is recruitig lvl 200+ and if you have any questions about the game, opinions on layouts and any other question, our team of First Mates and the rest of the crew will gladly help you.

    Perks are funded so quick that you only get a notification on your phone without even noticing it needed to be fund!

    Join today if you feel you're up for it.
    I guarantee we are competing with the high lvl Guilds.
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2015
  4. Princess Bride 5

    Princess Bride 5 Powder Monkey

    Our captain cleared the decks today of some inactive members, so take advantage of openings in this up and coming guild. Join now to get in on the beginning of a guild that's actively seeking to rise to the top!
  5. Brownbeard

    Brownbeard Powder Monkey

    Arrrgghhh!!! This be Brownbeard from th' Irish Jack Tars Guild!!! Ye want t' b' join'n then ye better b' level 150+ and have a PH of at least a 6!!! Whiskey fer all ye b' join'n!!!
    Last edited: May 8, 2015
  6. Devil's Advocate

    Devil's Advocate Powder Monkey

    Sound like a great bunch of pirates. Good luck recruiting.
  7. Barba Negra

    Barba Negra Powder Monkey

    Guys, this is serious, based on my previous experience, this is one of the best guilds you can ever find!
    Friendly and generous people and dedicated leadership result in an attractive place for those who wish to keep growing.

    And most important, it's a funny place to spend some time.

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  8. Barba Negra

    Barba Negra Powder Monkey


    The guild is growing relentlessly as we are aiming high. We have few vacant places.
    Today our capitan announced that the minimum requirements to join will be higher in the near future.
    So don't let it go !

    Apply today and experience, you ll never regret !
  9. Princess Bride 5

    Princess Bride 5 Powder Monkey

    Only two open spots! Don't miss your chance to get in on this rapidly advancing guild. Our friendly group would welcome two more active players wanting to work together to advance the Irish Jack Tars!
  10. MrHyer

    MrHyer Powder Monkey

    As part of our growing strategy, we NO longer accept pirates with Pirates Halls below lvl 6.
    Soon, the min lvl to join the Guild will be increased as well.

    We apologize for any inconvenience and we hope to see you on deck!
  11. Brownbeard

    Brownbeard Powder Monkey

    Arrrgghh!!! Do ye b' needin' a great bunch o' scalliwags t' sail wit?!? If ye do, join th' Irish Jack Tars!!! We b' helpin' ye t' great t'ings an' help the guild t' b' the best!!! Lvl 150+ PH6 min. Yaaaaarrrrr!!!
  12. MrHyer

    MrHyer Powder Monkey

    BUMP for new targets, requirements, rules and more!
    Hope to see you soon!
  13. BobsCrispyDuck

    BobsCrispyDuck Powder Monkey

    Stop the press.... Bob is here now! :)
  14. Hitokori

    Hitokori Powder Monkey

    Bob, is here everyone hide the grog he'll drink the island dry ;-)
  15. SuedeHead

    SuedeHead Powder Monkey

    Arr...there be no better guild!!!!
  16. Hitokori

    Hitokori Powder Monkey

    BTW, Captain i love that banner.
  17. Hitokori

    Hitokori Powder Monkey

    so what's up with us all being Powder Monkeys? is that like a chip that skis or an ape on blow?
  18. BobsCrispyDuck

    BobsCrispyDuck Powder Monkey

    Why's the rum gone?
  19. Hitokori

    Hitokori Powder Monkey

    :) so onto an important topic for the forum..... what kind of rum do those of drinking age in the guild partake of? While I enjoy the label of Kraken I prefer the taste of Bacardi Oakheart.
  20. Hitokori

    Hitokori Powder Monkey

    In my Coke Zero with a little ice most of the time.

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