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    Hello, I would like to propose my ideas, some are already mentioned by others but I have some news.
    We all know that Pirates Plunder lacks a plus in terms of strategy battle so I propose the following:
    (Wiles! Dirty Tricks unscrupulous pirates, but do not always go as they wished.)
    That's right, would tricks that we can use during the battle we "" help "and" would put a little more strategy in the game, then I leave that design.
    * Wiles:
    1. Bombing Pirate - Bombardment from the boat with large cannonballs with AOE, Take refuge who can! How to get it? Remove ships on the navigation map (Merchant Ship, Pirate and Ghost)
    2. Invoke the Kraken - Summons a Kraken immobilizing defenses at your fingertips with its tentacles Watch that is not friendly! How to get it? Remove Kraken on the navigation map (Orange and Green)
    3. Elusive - Tur pirates move into barrels hiding from enemy defenses Some lose their sense of direction! How to get it? It is bought by 200k Gold
    * Traps:
    1. Shark - (x3) to dominate the sharks and these pirates look after the feeding on nearby seas. Vel. 1s bite Damage: 30 Life: 300
    2. Aware coffer - (x2) Mark your island with an "X" and curious pirate treasure waste time looking for a dud. Tpo. Distraction: 5s Max. Pirates: 3 Usage: 1
    3. Carnivorous Plant - (x1) Carnivorous Plant giant that can only be achieved in mysterious islands, devours curious Tpo pirates. Digestion: 4s Max. Snacks: Unlimited Life: 800
    I also suggest these modifications:
    Thief: Currently the thief leaves much to be desired even in their specialty, steal resources ... We must recognize that he has incredible speed and attack, but their resistance is not dazzling not bad, its ability to invisibility is great, going unnoticed by you defenses but, what is the problem?
    1. His ability to remain invisible 5 seconds after attack is good, but this at a very high level at the academy (PH8) should be in PH5.
    2. Even with this change even missing one last thing, add the ability to jump wall in stealth (regardless of the number of them), the essence of a thief is elusive and should not stop it a simple wall.
    With these changes the thief would rise in the ranking of recruitment, you have the statistics, Take a eye!
    Ship: Today there are some limitations in the tavern, for example failing to remove pirates who do not want to use in battle or going exploration, also comes a point where you have your crew to battle but can not attack and notifies you that the boat just arrived with pirates in, to go again to lose the crew navigate without any bonus grog for them.
    Solution: Add the Crew role on the boat and the Tavern. This would be a new tab which allows you to recruit / remove pirates you want for your navigation, thus would not have to create a new building to correct these cases.
    * New Construction
    Advantage of brotherhood where you can exchange materials, gold and grog. It is activated with gold and has 3 options:
    Offers: The market launch many products you can buy gold: | 250k Grog <at> 350k Gold | - | 5 Gunpowder <by> 200k Gold | - | 5 Gems <by> 500k Gold |
    Barters: exchanges of available objects Conducted in the silo, really bartering available and if you are not convinced you can create your own barter.
    Orders: List of products available on the market, the guild members may vote to elect the following products and make a special order.
    Level rise in the market increases the number of deals and trade-offs you can do and improves the quality of special orders.
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  2. Ultimate Sea Dog

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    Agree with all EXCEPT thief PH8 restriction being changed to PH5. After all, the PH8 restriction ensures lower levels can't just swarm a base while invisible.
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