How do you get people to join your guild??

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by So mote it be, May 2, 2015.

  1. So mote it be

    So mote it be Powder Monkey

    I'd like for others to join. We are active and helpful we want to help others build their islands.... How do we get people to see our guild in suggestions...

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  2. Jason Alvarado

    Jason Alvarado Powder Monkey

    Thats the same question i ask myself, its not simple at all, start a guild with friends and maybe you will see your guild grow . Including it will take time tho.
  3. So mote it be

    So mote it be Powder Monkey

    Well I have one friend that plays... So I guess I'm screwed...
  4. Jason Alvarado

    Jason Alvarado Powder Monkey

    Lol the game is still new so most players dont kno much about forum but sooner or later your ganna see people joining, i am also running a guild called Bones & Skulls lol
  5. The best way to get your guild recognized is to make a recruiting thread for your guild that has the name of the guild in the title of the thread and says that you are recruiting. Then the first post can describe the type of guild members that you are looking for (like if you are looking for people who speak certain languages or have a certain pirate hall level) and tell about the guild.

    Other than that, it is helpful if you are active on the forum to put your guild name in your signature as well as a link to the recruiting thread.

    If all else fails, if the guild isn't filling up as quick as you would like, it may be worth joining a more established guild that has more people to help fund perks.
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  6. TBird

    TBird Captain

    Best way to get members in your guild.
    Join a larger established guild in the top 100.
    Be active in that guild. Be active on the forum.
    Make a name for yourself as someone a guild and fellow members on the forum respect.
    Then go start your own guild.
    Others will follow you and you will build a guild fast.
    Just follow the example of a few captains here that did the above and built powerful guilds.
    Just like @Raptelan and @Christy to name a few.
    Good luck
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  7. Raptelan

    Raptelan Captain

    First off decide exactly what you want out of a guild. Be specific and think long-term. Do you want a group of daily, chatty, competitive players?, who work together as a team for various goals? Or do you want a place with a quiet chat, people who mind their own business more amd enjoy the benefits of a guild while focusing on their own game more? Do you want a big guild of fifty, or just enough to keep the perks funded and guild ship requests filled? What kind of rules do you want for the guild, and what things do you want to NOT place rules on? Write it all down specifically in your recruitment post here. Edit it whenever you think of something new or change your mind.

    No matter what, accept that you will get players joining you who don't meet your ideals, but are useful to hold on to until you have more that do. A good guild captain will be clear about what their ideals are and will give everyone a chance to meet them, but at the same time when the guild needs space, will ask those who haven't met them to move on, and kick those who are not responsive, for the good of the guild. The best guilds are teams where every member is there for the same reasons, whatever they may be. Do you really want to be a captain (which is a LOT of work) or would you rather find an existing guild with the same ideals?

    I started my guild with no friends to join me. Some came from the forum over time, and a few randomly joined. Early on, someone would go join random guilds with long-inactive captain, and if the chat also seemed dead, would leave a couple messages inviting any active players who passed by to join our guild. Be careful if you choose to do this to not disturb any active guilds. I strongly believe that these inactive guilds should not be the ones showing up in the suggestion list for players seeking a new guild, but that's it is currently. New players have a very hard time finding any active guild, and new guilds have a hard time finding any members.

    P.S. Thanks @TBird for the compliment but my guild is not yet so powerful. That is the hardest goal of all. ;)
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  8. Pirate Christian

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    There is simply no easy way to attract attention to you guild. The best advice is that you religiously promote your guild and patiently build it one member at a time.

    Having played world building games by Supercell and having experienced first hand how easy it is to build clans and task forces in their games (Supercell promotes and features clans and task forces within their games while Midoki requires you to hunt for and find guilds and offers ZERO assistance for building guilds) I must admit that I was very surprised and disappointed that Midoki hasn't followed Supercell's lead. I hope that Midoki addresses this weakness in their game play in future updates.
  9. Christy

    Christy Commodore

    Psting here like you just did helps
    Well put and thank you @TBird :) All great ideas in this post. You took the first big step towards finding guild members by posting this thread @So mote it be :) best of luck yo you and your guild. Feel free to private message me if you have any questions.
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