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Discussion in 'Guild Improvements' started by Captain Derpy, Sep 29, 2014.

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  1. Captain Derpy

    Captain Derpy Powder Monkey

    *A time played/last player meter. It could only be access my first mates/Captain.

    *Guild activities. One being Wars/battles. For 1 day players try to get as many battle points as they can. The Guild with the most gets a pack of 250 gems, or some gold/grog.

    *First mate/Crew chat. If you need to talk to your first mates/crew, but don't want cabin men to see it, this could be useful!

    *recruitment message. You need to recruit? Well when someone makes there guild, they can make a message that when people who just build the guild hall, the message pops up and they can join or decline!

    *alliance system. So your guild is full, and you want to make a v2, but you don't want all your members to leave. Well, you can ask people to ally, and they can accept, or decline! To keep people from spamming, you can only send 1 a day. And if you need, you can block messages!

    Hope you take these into consideration! Thanks!

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  2. placo

    placo Crew

    I think these are all good ideas. We also need stats. Individual stats for attacks, attacks won, defenses won and attempted on us and so on. Similar to what ,COC does with clan war stats. If we had those for our individual towns that reset monthly it would be nice.
  3. Gangrene Beard

    Gangrene Beard Commodore

    --Last time active would be cool

    --Guild wars could be cool

    --separation of chat can be tough. It can cause a very quiet guild, what about just player to player messages.

    --so it automatically recruits?

    --Allegiances could be troublesome as I imagine it would screw with matchmaking.

    Good ideas. I'd also say, taxation from battles(10% spread amongst captain, first mate, and crew), guild hall troops(for added defense) or a guild perk turret, and a guild bank to be used for helping guild members with funds.
  4. Gangrene Beard

    Gangrene Beard Commodore

    This thread is inactive. I am closing it to further posts. Message me directly if you have any reason to reopen this thread.
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