Gems "Sold out"???

Discussion in 'General Bugs' started by Paulchen, Sep 22, 2014.

  1. Paulchen

    Paulchen Powder Monkey

    Hi, I want to buy gems from the market, but I get the message that they are sold out....what is the meaning of this?
  2. Craig

    Craig Powder Monkey

    Had the same problem, a reinstall fixed it, hope that helps
  3. T&L

    T&L Powder Monkey


    I had the same

    I was wondering it they were serious...

    They don't need money... Don't buy gems
  4. Hey,
    Could you try the following please and let me know if it works for you too:

    1) Kill app
    2) System settings > Restrictions off
    3) Shut down device and Restart

    Even if you have previously disabled your IAP restrictions, it is crucial you restart the device.
  5. If that doesn't work, try reinstalling the app.
    We have found two causes for this now, and these are the corresponding fixes.

    Would be great to hear how these works for people -- feedback appreciated!
  6. Blitzd

    Blitzd Powder Monkey

    I am having the same problem...I first tried killing the app, putting restrictions off (they were already) and restarting. ...that didn't work. :confused:

    Tried re-install...success! I can blow more money! Thanks! ;)
  7. Thanks for letting us know, I am really interested if these step do not fix the issue for someone.
    Happy Plundering, Blitzd!
  8. I had this once too.
    I bought some gems and somehow the game crashed. I did pay but my gems came like two hours later.
    In the meantime they were "out of stock". But when I did recieve my gems they came back for sale.
  9. Palusa

    Palusa Powder Monkey

    This is an annoying bug that need to be smashed. You shouldn't have to reinstall the app to solve the problem. On my iPhone 6 it says sold out and on my iPad it says "error buying gems".
  10. SirVin

    SirVin First Mate

    I Don't Usually Buy Gems So I Don't Even Know There's A Bug Like This
  11. Admin [Midoki]

    Admin [Midoki] Administrator Staff Member

    Is it being investigated as a priority, we realise it's not ideal
  12. TvvTazz

    TvvTazz Powder Monkey

    If I kill app do I lose all I've built or worked for in the game, and do I get it back when I reinstall? I to have not been able to buy gems for days now and wondered why?
  13. Admin [Midoki]

    Admin [Midoki] Administrator Staff Member

    You won't lose anything if you delete the app and re-install. All your base information is kept on the servers
  14. SirVin

    SirVin First Mate

    If You're Not That Sure Use Game Center
  15. Floki

    Floki Captain

    It would be good to buy gems and this must be costing the game owners a fortune....I will wait to see if this constant maintain will fix it.
  16. TvvTazz

    TvvTazz Powder Monkey

    I do use game center THX... I'll give it a try??

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