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Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by HollyMrsBooty, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. HollyMrsBooty

    HollyMrsBooty First Mate

    Elite is a large 5 guild family and we are looking for active pirates to join us!

    Elitepirates.net is our web address for more information on each guild.

    Elite Legends-they rumble 24/7 (5000 pt min, PH 8 min)18&up only
    Elite Legion-rumble 24/7 (3000pt or 12 battle min, PH 7ish min)18&up only
    Elite Faction-rumble Mon, Thursday, Saturday 3000pt or 12 battle min PH 8ish and up, 18& up only
    Elite Family-rumble Tuesday, Friday, Sunday (5 win min per rumble all PHs allowed all ages welcomed)
    Elite vacation-(if you need a break from the game and need somewhere to park, its for Elite members when needed)

    I am captain of the Elite Family we accept all PH levels and offer training and replays, we give little guys a shot at being big active players some day. If you are a large PH and love training new oncoming players and just are looking for a friendly environment this is a great place for you as well. Elite family is also family friendly no vulgar or rude behavior allowed. So its a safe place for also 18 and under. We have been doing great in rumbles and coming in first much of the time. Our players have heart and are active in ALL our guilds. Please come check us out and if you don't think we are for you your welcome to try our other guilds happily as well. We all do come to each others aide when needed we are all one LARGE LARGE close family.

    Elite uses the app called LINE for all communication so that all guilds can chat and come together to be friends, offer help and guidance and cause a little trouble every now and then =) The line app is 18 & over only. We have a lot of fun on here!

    Thank you for reading!! Any questions please let me know. My LINE ID is mrsbootyslappa if you have that to contact me as well. I can direct you to the guild of your choosing <3 No matter what choose a active guild and strive to keep this game alive and kicking! Its amazing!
  2. Pink Taco

    Pink Taco Captain

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  3. Xxx Capt. Jack xxX

    Xxx Capt. Jack xxX Powder Monkey

    Looking for a new Guild. Currently a maxed PH5, going to a PH6 in a few days. What's your requirements, range of PH's, Rumble Wins, Donation ratios, Perk contributions, etc.?
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  4. Sounds like you would be a good player for Elite Family. Each guild offers something a little different but Family is a good place to start and train.
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  6. HollyMrsBooty

    HollyMrsBooty First Mate

    We would be happy to have you and help you grow. Our requirements are that we see effort and activeness so that all our training pays off =) We rumble three times per week Sunday, Tues, Friday and require 5 win min per rumble. But of course appreciate effort. Come join and we will get you taken care of. We will accept all PH's you have to start off somewhere and my opinion the earlier we get you and help you learn correctly the better and stronger player you will be.
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  7. Booty Slappa

    Booty Slappa First Mate

    :):)Great Description
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  8. Pink Taco

    Pink Taco Captain

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  9. Sea Patriot

    Sea Patriot Captain

    Looks like the intro to Black Sails, can't wait for next season!
  10. HollyMrsBooty

    HollyMrsBooty First Mate

    Douche he has always been a wonderful gentleman which is why I have loved him for almost 20 years and had 3 beautiful children with him. Thank you for noticing how lovely his banner is but even if it had a racy lady on there it wouldn't change who he is and what he stands for. I think the Elite Alliance growing and rumbling respectfully daily proves a ton as well =) Good luck to you in your rumbles I saw you put a lot of effort in yesterday but we can't win them all and sometimes stronger more important lessons come from losing...Best of luck
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  11. HollyMrsBooty

    HollyMrsBooty First Mate

    Sea Patriot I LOVE Black Sails but it got canceled!!! I just read it last week on their Facebook page!! We are super sad! Outlander if you have Starz renewed another season though!
  12. Sea Patriot

    Sea Patriot Captain

    Man, that sucks. My wife and I love that show too. I thought we heard they were cancelling it after next season.
  13. Lorent.113

    Lorent.113 First Mate

    We have not black sails in France maybe we can discuss it in 3 years :confused:
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  14. HollyMrsBooty

    HollyMrsBooty First Mate

    Maverick is amazing and very skilled not sure how many more battles she completed vs yours. Words can be read in many ways it's all in how you feel about them =) We do practice time outs in this home and stickers and lolly pops for rewards =)
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  15. HollyMrsBooty

    HollyMrsBooty First Mate

    I am praying I am WRONG! Maybe I misread it??? If you have Facebook look at their page there.
  16. Madhouse

    Madhouse Crew

    Lol yes... i know there is a naughty step... my bum got sooo cold..... ;) hi holly :-*
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  17. Putting in my two cents- hi all!!!!!! And Elite rocks!!!!!!!!!
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  18. HollyMrsBooty

    HollyMrsBooty First Mate

    Hi my debbie love!! XOXO
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  19. Maverick

    Maverick Crew

    Great description Holly!
    And about the fight, We do what we can to help our team to win :)
  20. 850arrr

    850arrr Captain

    Roger that Maverick :D
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