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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lynsey [Midoki], Oct 1, 2015.

  1. Spongee

    Spongee Commodore

    Lynsey had edited her post saying Quartermaster would not make it into second update, but will hopefully be in update after that.
  2. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    Another maintenance painfully hoping it would finally be the update!

    Soon I hope, the second one doesn't seem like its going to be here by halloween at this rate :c
  3. Barbed

    Barbed First Mate

    Its only everyday 10:00 GMT+4 maintenance. Updates come later
  4. porrig

    porrig Crew

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  5. John Deepseas

    John Deepseas Powder Monkey

    Is there a link explaining more how the Quartermaster is going to work? Also, is there a solution coming to deal with Guild Captains that stop showing up to an active guild?
  6. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    Quartermaster will basically be a Captain-Lite. Diet Captain, if you will. The Quartermaster rank nestles snugly between the Captain and the First Mates, and each guild can have up to three Quartermasters. Quartermasters have many of the same abilities as the Captain - they can start Rumbles, nudge other players, set Message of the Day and change guild settings. However, only the Captain can promote and demote members to and from the Quartermaster position. We don't currently have any plans to oust missing captains from their guilds.

    In other news, it looks like the update may unfortunately be coming a little later than expected - we'll let you know when we know more.
  7. Furious Pirate

    Furious Pirate Powder Monkey

    @Lynsey [Midoki]

    For the next update, please Midoki consider to be more generous for bp.
    Academy (6-8) and 6 LP really need an amazing amount of bp.
    From what i see in the guilds from my country, a lot guild is starting losing a lot of member who is retired playing PP.

    Right now, the most amount of bp that we can get regularly is from rumble reward, that's why guilds nowadays starting using minis (i think).

    After the update of map (adding material to exploring reward), i can get 400 to 600 bp from battered chests for 1 day (route) sailing. But now, for the last week, it only produce 120 to 160 (if i'm lucky).

    Game is about to be playing for fun. If Midoki keep taking away the fun part, than more player will be retiring soon. Please... at least, get the reward bp like old days, where we can get 2000 bp from monsters at exploring.
    I think, not much player can be doing 24 hours rumble for a very long time.
    Players will get exhausted.

    I know that Midoki need players to buy gems as income and rumble is the best way to attrack players using gems. But please doing that without making harder for player to gaining bp.
    Midoki can doing that (luring player to using gems) by being more generous on reward rumble.
    e.g. Giving no 1 position at rumble far more bigger reward after reaching certain point at rumble. Or you can make a weekly contest, guild with the biggest (accumulate) poin in rumble will get a really interesting reward.

    Thanks for reading.
    And sorry if i write something wrong.
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  8. Tiger Claw

    Tiger Claw Captain


    So much for seeing a Halloween theme :confused:.

  9. porrig

    porrig Crew

    I rarely play PP on my iPad (original iPad Air) but I did yesterday for a while and can confirm the game is very slow and jerky on iOS9. The game continues to work fine on my iPhone 6 (still on iOS8). Could you let us know if you'll be addressing the iOS9 performance issues in the next update please?
  10. Bl00dBaTh

    Bl00dBaTh Captain

    Yea I play 100% on my iPad Air, it's laggy as hell sometimes (most of the time), it's perfect on my iPhone 6s, but I hate playing on the small screen since I'm used to the large one. Hopefully they'll have a fix for the lag in the next update. It's not just PP that's been affected by iO9, the whole iPad has slowed down, I didn't think it would be affected so soon, really thought I'd get another year out of the Air before getting a performance bump.
  11. Enuthral

    Enuthral First Mate

    Still no word from the fruit boys? At this rate the Halloween update will be pushing Christmas
  12. Bl00dBaTh

    Bl00dBaTh Captain

    Yea they're leaving it very late, we better get it soon, we really need it at least a week before Halloween for it to be of any use to us.
  13. HornyQuokka

    HornyQuokka Captain

    :rolleyes:Can t wait to read all the whining and complaining.....players probably will quit cause Midoki hasn t offered a Halloween theme in time... old are you all? o_O
  14. cmooneey

    cmooneey First Mate

  15. Bl00dBaTh

    Bl00dBaTh Captain

    He won't tell you, why I'm not sure, but one thing is for certain, you'll definitely see him complaining about complainers. That's all he does, every single post he makes he is complaining about complainers. Because according to him everyone has to be happy about every single thing Midoki does, no matter what. No one can say anything negative or you get the dreaded :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: To show his amusement at all you crybabies. Because we all all know that we really want a Halloween theme for Christmas & not before Halloween, 2 weeks after will be fine.
    All hail Hornswoggle or whatever his name is, King of the complainers, as everyone else who complains makes normal posts too, all Hornswoggle does is complain about complainers, every single post. He seeks out these comments, he just posted "can't wait to read all the whining & complaining". If I hate something I stay away from it, not seek it out, his bio says he hates whiners.
  16. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    I'm optimistic that the Halloween update will be out before the actual holiday. We still have a bit over a week!
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  17. Pirate Christian

    Pirate Christian First Mate

    The delay is not Midoki's fault. They are at the mercy of Apple and I'm sure Apple is swamped with app updates because of the iOS 9 update.

    Midoki is probably going to have to get its updates into Apple a lot sooner in the future if they want to be able to release them in time for particular seasons.
  18. Souki

    Souki Powder Monkey

    Yeeee, the next update asian theme, the eastern sea.
    I hope midoki add great sailor from my country.
    Because my country is island country...

    Its so many great sailor or maybe pirate, lol.
  19. Morgan Ford

    Morgan Ford First Mate


    Will the old map remain once the new one drops? Will we be able to choose which map we sail?
  20. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    You'll still have the old map, and will be able to switch between the two.

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