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Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Sea Patriot, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. Sea Patriot

    Sea Patriot Captain

    Are you looking for a guild to farm with during the Plunder Time Guild Event, but without the added pressure?
    Come join Apostles' Creed and be a part of a new and growing team before the event begins.
    If you join after the event, don't worry you'll still be a valued member of Apostles' Creed

    See you there!
    Sea Patriot
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  2. Sea Patriot

    Sea Patriot Captain

    The guild event has already begun, but don't let that keep you from becoming the newest member of a fast growing guild where you're treated like family and the opportunities for growth are limitless.

    Throughout the next week I will be hosting back to back rumbles. Powder Monkeys and Crew with 10 wins in the rumble get promoted quickly.

    Don't wonder what Apostles' Creed is about, come see for yourself, see you there!
    God bless,
    Sea Patriot

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