Come and join the warriors of the sea - the Straw Hats!

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Cap'n Flyht, Feb 10, 2017.

  1. flyingdoucheman

    flyingdoucheman Magical Banner Wizard

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  2. You certainly are :) lots of fun and chatting!
    Enjoy that mini! I am just did a 30 streak with it! :D
    No naughty benches here @flyingdoucheman! Just the old stern look:rolleyes:
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  3. K.K.Lassig

    K.K.Lassig Crew

    Good crew I like them a lot, believe me
  4. What's that I hear @flyingdoucheman ? Bumpity bump??
    No couldn't possibly be that as we are not supposed to do that! o_Oo_O
    PP is definitely my most fun game of the moment, if not longer!:D
    .....and we are still looking for fine old/ new and anywhere in between pirates to jump aboard.
  5. New intro, come check it out! :D
  6. HollyMrsBooty

    HollyMrsBooty First Mate

    If you rumbled on a different day ever we might could swing by to help you every so often but we rumble Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. If you have a party let us know we will try to arrange it to join in =) Best of luck to you
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  7. Hey!!! Great that the forum is so active at the moment,but I log in to find we are no longer on the first page of recruiting!!!:mad::oops:
    We are still active, still a great team, still meeting other great teams and pirates and...
    Still looking for a few more active pirates that are living the dream to join us!
    Go on, go on come and find out more about us, drop in, chat and you never know you may just stay awhile :D
  8. Voldemortia

    Voldemortia Powder Monkey

    Cap'n Flyht and crew are some of the best pirates around!!! You can't go wrong with checking out this awesome guild - you won't be disappointed!!!
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  9. Hey @flyingdoucheman.....bumpity bump I hear??? (Hope you are good ;))
    Still active, still fun, still living the dream and real life hand in hand...
    Come check us out!!
    Go on you know you want to! ;):D
  10. This thread is nearing a 1000 views! brilliant :D
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  11. Great that so many of the Pirating Community have seen our recruiting post:D
    If your looking at us, then you must be looking at joining a new guild! (Or just intrigued :cool:)
    Go on, give us a try, come and meet a fun crew that balances the real world with the pirating world.
    What makes us different from all the other great pirate guilds?
    Come and find out!

    Old sea worn pirates, new pirates finding their feet and all in between...
    Our motto: All for one and one for all!
    Find us in search guilds. Type: straw hats, we are the second on the list. The captain is me Flyht!
    See you soon :D
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  12. Near the bottom of the recruiting feed again!!
    So, to think of a reason to put us to the top again!!:D

    We are active and fun group of 30 laid back pirates with a passion for the game!
    We have an amazing mix of old salty pirates and new pirates.

    We are made up of pirates who have only ever been in the straw hats and pirates who have found us in a variety of different ways!
    Our mottos are: All for one and one for all! and Have fun!!!

    Come, look us up!
  13. Sonic Whovian

    Sonic Whovian Powder Monkey

    Flyht... I'm in! What do I do next to connect with our guild? By the way, very nice graphics and ad copy... what a pro!
  14. :D Just messaged you!
    I'd love to take the credit for the graphics... but it was a great pirate in the community called @flyingdoucheman who made the banner for me!
  15. Sonic Whovian

    Sonic Whovian Powder Monkey

    I have Slack installed & typed ppbay... what next? I did not see sponges link...
  16. Just noticed that we are about to fall off the first page of recruiting!!!
    We are going from strength to strength.
    We are most definitely active, enjoying the game and balancing it well with real life.
    Come and check us out!
  17. Still around, still going from strength to strength, still chatty and helpful,
    Still having fun,
    Come find us
    straw hats second on the list, see you soon!:D

  18. Bumped to the second page of recruiting!!!!! How rude!
    Come try us out......... :D
  19. Bumpity, bump!
    .....getting dangerously low down the page! (Just won’t do!)
    Read all about us at the top of page one, go on you know you want to :D
  20. Nearly at the bottom of the page again!! Just won’t do! :eek:

    Hope everyone is getting what they want from the guild thunderstruck event having said that....just exactly what is enough??!! Well we are pirates!!;)

    Want to find out more about us? (The beginning of this feed says it all)

    Happy Plundering one and all:D
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