Buildings to expensive?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Edward Kenway, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. Edward Kenway

    Edward Kenway Captain

    Is it just me or are the buildings a little bit too expensive?
    For example the academy costs 425K grog to upgrade at PH4.
    Since I'm only at PH4 I can't tell if you earn a lot more at higher pirate hall levels, but usually these games get harder and harder the more you lvl up.
    I'm not saying that the game should be quick and easily rushed, but if it requires too much grind it kinda scares away people lol. At least myself always recommend a game with a good pace.
    I just ask since I don't want another Clash Of Clans game where it takes years to get a good base, and the fact that I REALLY like this game.

    Just my thought though.
    Anyone else feel the same or is it just me?


    What If the game boosted the resource collectors a bit? Maybe to the point that you could at least get close to upgrading an expensive building each day by just collecting resources?
    Otherwise we will have to attack all the time in PVP.
    Maybe a good balance between PvPing and collecting resources would make the game more fluid and less grindy? Just a thought.

    I have some ideas which could boost the resource collection!

    What if when you are PvPing, you boost the reward we get, but at the same time the player you plunder from doesn't lose the same amount that you gain.

    For example:
    Lets say you boost the resource bonus when PvPing by 30% that goes both ways.
    Lets say you loot 100k gold from another player.
    Atm, I gain 100k, and the other one lose 100k. Logic:)

    What if it worked like this instead:
    I plunder the same amount 100k.
    But instead we boost the reward by 30% so that I get 130k, and at the same time the other guy only loses 70k.
    I gain more then what he loses.
    (I promise you that this will reduce the rage quits by 30% lol)

    Everyone will gain more resources when plundering, and at the same time we lose less when plundered.

    Edit 2:

    Maybe we could have a weekly or daily reward? Lets say, If I attack 15 people in 1 day, I will get a good amount gold and grog depending on my lvl?
    I will then be rewarded for playing. I also think that this will make people plunder and play more in general.

    What you think?
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  2. I somewhat share your concern. There is a fine line between good pacing and earning money from IAPs. These games are always designed so that you seem to always be just a little bit shy of the resources you need hence the enticement to buy a few gems. I am only PH3 so I haven't been playing long, but I have nearly maxed PH3 in just about a week of playing. Once I get to PH4 maybe I will feel the need to grind or spend real money, but as of now the pacing seems fair, though a bit weighted to IAPs (but they have to make money!). I am currently playing Clash, Star Wars Commander, Boom Beach and Plunder Pirates and I fee Plunder Pirates has a fair pacing compared. Clash and Boom are imbalanced toward IAPs and Star Wars is overly generous with the resources (I am halfway to maxing HQ5 without having to really raid anyone or spend real $). Plunder Pirates feels somewhere in the middle to me.
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  3. Chaos5715

    Chaos5715 First Mate

    The only problem I've had so far regarding resources is timers. I loot way faster than I can spend, so far at least. Just started PH 5. I haven't even been upgrading my mines and distilleries yet because they take too long and I earn way more from plundering than I could by gathering. I currently gather about 10k/hr, but plunder around 200k/hr per hour.

    I'm almost done with PH 5 and I've been playing since the 22nd I think, a week.
  4. Edward Kenway

    Edward Kenway Captain

    Yea Star Wars: Commander are generous when it comes to resources. But when you get to Town Hall 6 it gets A LOT harder, even so TH7 which is the last one. This doesn't bother me since it's very easy at the beginning, but hard at the last lvls, thats perfectly fine by me.
    But now I'm at only PH4 out of 7 and already now i start to feel the grind, which I didn't feel when playing SW:C the first lvls.
  5. donkeykilla

    donkeykilla First Mate

    There's a pretty clear tipping point in this game and it seems to be tavern 5 academy 3. 35 troops and brutes up to 1200 toughness for mortar fodder makes it way easier to farm the 200-250 range without using your entire army. I think loot and upgrade cost are both fine, recruit time however is a bit much. A crew Que feature fixes this though, which I really hope is coming soon.
  6. Edward Kenway

    Edward Kenway Captain

    Maybe we could have a weekly or daily reward? Lets say, If I attack 15 people in 1 day, I will get gold and grog depending on my lvl?
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  7. Havel

    Havel Powder Monkey

    I gotta agree with chaos, for me it's the building times on certain buildings that seems to be out of proportion from the rest of the PH lvl buildings and upgrades. Distilleries especially Since theyre out of commission while being upgraded. It does sap the game out of me even tho I understand why they are multiple days to build long. (So people buy gems to speed it up).

    But yeah, there's a point where mines and distilleries just become something that gives you 100k while you sleep and become pretty insignificant when you can make almost 1 million in each resource In roughly an hour and a half by raiding.

    By the time 4,5 and even 7 days to build something has passed, I don't and won't even care anymore.
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  8. Razor

    Razor Crew

    Yeah I totally agree with your point that the buildings are to expensive :)
  9. Edward Kenway

    Edward Kenway Captain

    Thx fellow guild member;)

    Btw I didn't see you online today mate, I missed you...:oops:

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