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Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Daddy P, Jul 30, 2015.


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  1. Daddy P

    Daddy P Captain

    New Guild (as of 7-27-15) of 20+ experienced members seeking lots of new pirates.

    Membership requirements:
    • Ph 7+ preferred but any active pirates welcome.
    • All new pirates must be active in chat. If you aren't going to chat, don't join.
    • Join our Slack team and Plunder Pirates community Slack team (PPBay)
    • No gemming required or encouraged
    • English speaking only
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2015
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  2. Daddy P

    Daddy P Captain

    And while you are considering us, help us pick our banner (see poll above).

    Last edited: Jul 31, 2015
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  3. Floki

    Floki Captain

    i was going to say barnyard brawlers was a good name for a guild but then i got chicken...:p
    Good luck Daddy P or always to me P Daddy.
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  4. Floki

    Floki Captain

    PS no 1
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  5. fricc2174

    fricc2174 First Mate

    I voted number 1 but number 3 was really cool too!!! I wanna use it as my avatar
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  6. fricc2174

    fricc2174 First Mate

    Great job assembling the guild DP already whooping butt in rumbles!!!
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  7. tayyser

    tayyser Powder Monkey

    New rumble will start in a little while, join while you can. Only a couple days old but already beating a guild with 50 members in this rumble.

    Fun guild, perks are always funded and the environment is not negative, at all.

    Can't wait to plunder with you

  8. Ironhook

    Ironhook Powder Monkey

    Hi guys!

    Are you active pirate who want to benefit from 24/7 perks and instant donations? Do you want to be part of chatty crew that not only is dedicated to plundering but also like to have fun and meet cool and interesting pirates and make new friends? Do you want to win rumbles while also having time to farm for upgrades? Are you bored with guilds who are active but do not chat at all? Do you hate to be in guilds that are chatty but not so interested in perks, donations etc.? You want to have a balance of active playing and fun, right?

    Well, I have a good news for you! Look no further and join BoneyardBrawlers!

    We want you. You need us. We are waiting for you ;)
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  9. Bear

    Bear Commodore

    Good luck with your guild! I voted #1 but it needs to be shorter.
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  10. fricc2174

    fricc2174 First Mate

    Congrats Guys well played rumble! We had half the team and put up over 1k more BP .[​IMG]
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  11. Daddy P

    Daddy P Captain

    See if this is better . . .
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  12. awbo

    awbo Captain

    It looks fantastic.
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  13. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    I spy Death from Darksiders 2. Great game. :)
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  14. Jnickell

    Jnickell Powder Monkey

    It's a great group of people!
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  15. Burnz

    Burnz Captain

    The other day I found a juicy island and hit it hard, turns out it was one of you guildies. I can't remember who it was though. Anyways, congrats on the new guild and Ill see you on the battle field.
  16. fricc2174

    fricc2174 First Mate

    Imagine what we will do when you join the guild!!! Over 5000 BP with 20 players. This was not gemmed just great effort by all. TP had 50 people to our 22. Come be apart of the team effort![​IMG]
  17. fricc2174

    fricc2174 First Mate

    Climbing up to the top 100 and with only 22 guys!

    Join a great bunch of people who love the PP community and do what it takes to win.
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  18. Daddy P

    Daddy P Captain

    First week, with 23 pirates, and we make it to top 38. Higher we go! Join us!
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2015
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  19. tayyser

    tayyser Powder Monkey

    Bump, we have a few great new members. Can't wait to rumble with you and others
  20. fricc2174

    fricc2174 First Mate

    Looking for more team players. We have consistently been putting up over 4500 BP without gemming with only 22 players. Come join us and make this guild even better!

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