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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Admin [Midoki], Aug 1, 2014.

  1. Now let's keep your bedroom out of this story shall we? ;)
    Back to banning people with the Mjölnir.
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  2. Cunnyfunt

    Cunnyfunt Powder Monkey

    Name and shame is what I say....and ban guilds who knowingly allow it to happen as I'm sure that Midoki can see their chat history
  3. RockyT

    RockyT Guest

    One of our guild shared her victory during a previous Rumble. It was a strange one as the person's base had a PH9 while the rest of his defence had not been upgraded. Level 1 walls, no upgrades on grog or gold storage. Must be a hacker.
  4. Horny Manly Alfa

    Horny Manly Alfa Powder Monkey

    No. If you start the game buying the 100€ gem pack you can go up to level 9 and (tomorrow level 10), its a common thing people do with second accounts or just for fun.
    just depends on how much you want to spend in the game. and if you have the means to do it ;)
    Doenst mean he is a hacker!
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  5. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    Thats going to hurt them considerably actually, since their troops won't be able to handle PH9 bases, how will they ever farm?
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  6. Bou Regreg

    Bou Regreg First Mate

    Why farm when you can buy everything with gems?
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  7. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    If they only bought one $100 package they won't be able to get past AC4. Even if they max out all of their other buildings, I doubt they would be able to handle even a ph7 with that level of troops. And if they didn't want to gem anything besides the PH, they're going to be screwed, because they can never get loot now.
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  8. awbo

    awbo Captain

    Haven't you seen the number of PH9s with AC5? Easy pickings :)
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  9. Ultimate Sea Dog

    Ultimate Sea Dog First Mate

    I've actually seen a PH8 with AC1...?!
  10. Omar Ceceña

    Omar Ceceña First Mate

    I'm Part of that "Cracking Skulls"
  11. Tiger Lilly

    Tiger Lilly Captain

    @Ultimate Sea Dog wow I have seen some underdeveloped pirate hall levels during my travels but a ph 8 with a level 1 academy is quite baffling and not very strategically sound!:eek: Quite funny actually!!:p
  12. Omar Ceceña

    Omar Ceceña First Mate

    That's insane that it's ph8 with a academy! Hahaha! Hiii there Lily! :D
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  13. Tiger Lilly

    Tiger Lilly Captain

  14. Mr. Hammerhead

    Mr. Hammerhead Powder Monkey

    This should have been implemented before!

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