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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Admin [Midoki], Aug 1, 2014.

  1. Fil

    Fil Captain

    If you possibly have exact times he was offline/able to be attacked I know someone who would make good use of that info fairly soon
  2. Fil

    Fil Captain

    I recall that as well. Interesting that the player has returned with a new identity that it appears not many, if any, have figured out and made the connection.
  3. Gangrene Beard

    Gangrene Beard Commodore

    Anyone else find it weird that they didn't just gem to the final upgrades yet?
  4. Becker Redbeard

    Becker Redbeard First Mate

    The top of LB?
    Specifically 1384 went off permanent online status about a week ago (?Midoki intervention?).
    His rank unchanged, meaning likely bought a one week shield.
    Hopefully it doesn't mean his PR is unattackable, we should know within ~24hrs because his rank should drop and keep dropping with every shield expiration, unless a lot of those high ranked Chinese players of different guilds are collusionists.
    If he is unassailable, there is no reason for a player who doesn't play to upgrade, especially if his intent is to mock the game. But maybe they will purchase, if they want to buy different artwork.
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  5. Has anybody noticed that some players have max walls and tons of loot but only level 1 mines. The rest of the base isnt fully upgraded either. They have less than 700 attacks. Midoki might want to look into that.
  6. yeti

    yeti Captain

    I wouldn't assume that's anything untoward...some ppl have lots of dollars and little sense....
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  7. Floki

    Floki Captain

    Lucky I got neither....:D
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  8. Kelani

    Kelani Commodore

    Nothing strange about that. Some people gem all the elements they need to attack and defend, and leave the collectors and auxiliary buildings alone. That loot you see is from raiding. It's an expensive build strategy, but lots of people do it.
  9. RockyT

    RockyT Guest

    Let's keep the game clean. What's the point in trying to cheat? You're only cheating yourself
  10. micky9920

    micky9920 Powder Monkey

    [​IMG] bug
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  11. micky9920

    micky9920 Powder Monkey

    [​IMG] B U G
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  12. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    I wouldn't call that a bug so much as an outright hack.
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  13. micky9920

    micky9920 Powder Monkey

    Chinese players have cracked Gems, please identify each account official flows Gems, before the end of the process in this event ! I will not consume money (google translation , French is not correct , please forgive me)

  14. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    The Eye of Sauron is already wielding his ban-hammer as we speak (there's a couple of players from the same guild who have been flagged by the system).
  15. Don't let them throw the ring in Mount Doom!
    Maybe send some orks or trolls by their home address. Shake em up for a bit, what do you say? :D
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  16. peg-brain bob

    peg-brain bob Captain

    Just allow your pet Nazgûl to pay them a little visit... ;)
  17. bucket

    bucket First Mate

    Let the lord of the dark land come forth. And justice be done upon him. ;)
  18. Kelani

    Kelani Commodore

    I hope there will be much biting off of fingers, so they can no longer deploy troops :)
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  19. Bear

    Bear Commodore

    How about we just close up the big gaping hole that leads to the heart of Mt. Doom. What is it with evil lairs and holes that can destroy them? Death star anyone?
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  20. Bear

    Bear Commodore

    Also, I'm not saying my wife has the thermostat turned up too high, but two hobbits just showed up and threw a ring into our bedroom..
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