All max level legendary pirates outfits

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Unique Rebel, Apr 20, 2021.

  1. Unique Rebel

    Unique Rebel First Mate

    New mission to complete, join me on my daily 20 streak. The road to max level begins soon. You know where to check me and keep check on what the next target/goal is. Be there and meet Uncle Boom and that's Mr Boom for all my foes... hahahaaaa
  2. Bigpoppa1980

    Bigpoppa1980 Powder Monkey

    Would you happen to know what a golden outfits max level percentages are? I don't know if they change for each pirate or not but they seem the same at low level.
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  3. Unique Rebel

    Unique Rebel First Mate

    I will keep you posted and updated if I ever do reach max level with golden outfits. Midoki have put tons of effort in to this game and I just like to enjoy it alongside those that be worthy. I feel Midoki needs to offer us max level outfits even on rent so we get the opportunity to test them out. It would be something worth working towards, then if we don't enjoy then we don't bother. Simples

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