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Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Karmartz, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. Karmartz

    Karmartz Powder Monkey

    Hey guys this is Karmartz here. Most of you know me from alot of clash games. Currently Krama and I run the top guild in Rise of Kingdoms and were also the top players. Were here to make some waves...pun intended. If anyone wants to join a pro team the walk the plank or swim with the fishes. Be active and donate towards the perks is all i ask. Sink or swim boys
  2. MichaelMaulwurf

    MichaelMaulwurf Powder Monkey

    Sounds good. I want to join as soon as I've got the guild hall ready.
  3. Karmartz

    Karmartz Powder Monkey

    Join whenever just be active
  4. Dagon

    Dagon Crew

    I've been extremely active but apparently started a few days late as I didn't know the game was out. Haven't built the guild hall yet as I haven't needed it but may build it today. I'll probably take a look, most guild seem pretty small at the minute.

    How do the perks work?
  5. Karmartz

    Karmartz Powder Monkey

    There are 3 perks. Each require donations to receive an active buff. Any player who donates 5k gives 5% towards the buff. So it takes technically 20 players to equally gain the buff. One buff is stronger walls. Another is increased unit DPS and finally reduction in exploration timers
  6. Dagon

    Dagon Crew

    Those sound helpful. I'll be looking for long timer building before bed so may do the guild hall then.
  7. Dagon

    Dagon Crew

    I just joined to see what it's like my name is Dagon in the game. Any help/advice would be appreciated as I got raided a lot over night. I mentioned it twice already but 11 times in 4 hours and still have no shield from it.
  8. Dagon

    Dagon Crew

    Got attacked by the guy ranked 2nd in the game. Is there no limit to who can attack you just anyone no matter how much more advanced they are?

    I wasn't too bothered this time as I lost less resources and he destroyed 100% so I got a shield this time.
  9. Karmartz

    Karmartz Powder Monkey

    With a small player pool there wont be any brackets made for combat. I noticed the gem shop is closed as i was gonna get my vodoo lab with $. We really need npcs. I havent actually some anything in days other then auto collect and slowly upgrade. Kinda annoying i bought builders to get a good start and promote the game but my interest is slowly going. Tiny realms is out next week so ill checkout that clash game aswell
  10. Dagon

    Dagon Crew

    Haven't heard of tiny realms, I did want to buy currency once to support the dev and to get an extra builder as I only have 2 currently but I'm in the UK and did try adding my card to my Canadian account but it won't work.
  11. Ill join wether I can get in or not, If I can I'll talk with you all in chat, my IGN: White Wyvern ;)
  12. baupi

    baupi Powder Monkey

    i just sent a request under the name: baupi. I'm new to this but very active:)
  13. TheCoach

    TheCoach Powder Monkey

    I sent a request under TheCoach. I'm fully dedicated to this game and used to be top 5 NA Clash player as well as experienced MMOer. Thanks!!
  14. Flowers

    Flowers Powder Monkey

    i sent a request. my ign is floral :) hopefully i get in
  15. Your comletely overfilled:)

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