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Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Tr0niKus, Sep 30, 2014.

  1. Tr0niKus

    Tr0niKus Powder Monkey

    Looking for new blood! ARRRRGGGHH! Join a fun and friendly guild!
  2. Captain Zarzog

    Captain Zarzog Powder Monkey

    Me and my crew of scallywags are seeking a new home if ya still have space? Only been on the high seas for 12 days now, but we're an active and committed bunch and sadly my first and currant guild is like a graveyard of inactivity.
  3. Tr0niKus

    Tr0niKus Powder Monkey

    We absolutely welcome active players mate! Join up and welcome!
  4. Michael Kors (MK) Is now in Rambler Rumble, FYI
  5. Tr0niKus

    Tr0niKus Powder Monkey

    That's fine. We're not hung up on Rumbles at DMC. Takes a lot of time and energy for our members. We rumble on weekends. Plus there's so much single player content now with the update. I'm letting members focus on their personal goals with the game.
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  6. Ian

    Ian Commodore

    Well said, a very sound and sensible approach in the current climate.. Your Captain obviously knows how to look after its members. Good luck with your guild..
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  7. CrookedMoose

    CrookedMoose Powder Monkey

    Do you guys have a spot for 2 new members? I'm a PH7 and my friend is a PH6.
  8. Tr0niKus

    Tr0niKus Powder Monkey

    Absolutely and welcome!
  9. Tr0niKus

    Tr0niKus Powder Monkey

    Thank you Ian :)
  10. Tr0niKus

    Tr0niKus Powder Monkey

    Hi all! We've done some house cleaning and have a few open positions. 9 to be exact. Looking for active members who enjoy a casual guild not hung up on rumbles, which take a lot of time and energy.

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